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Robinhood App, and Everyone's an AnalystNow that Spacetime has launched their new stock market-related iOS app, I'm pretty sure some of you use it already. For those who do not, Robinhood lets you create recommendations about buying or selling stocks. You get a score depending on how good your advice is. The TNW article labels it as "... 5 3 years 2 weeks
The Week Ahead : April 15th to April 19thHello fellow monkeys ! After a choppy week during which indexes closed at all-time highs, the situation can be described as okay despite a slowing growth. Some bankers would still want more credit as a sign of financial stability along with more trading volume. On the economic side, the data... 1 3 years 3 weeks
The 3 Rules of Pricing by Neil BlumenthalFor all those who are interesting in launching a product, this WSJ post might have some sound advice for you. As he puts it, Neil Blumenthal was at Wharton with his budies when they had the idea behind Warby Parker (you know, nice glasses for a fraction of the price), and as they started their... 3 years 3 weeks
The Week Ahead : April 8th to April 12thHello fellow monkeys ! After what has been called a disappointing week ending with poor jobs and payroll reports, some argue that the bull market is running out of steam. This view is supported by the fact that this quarter's best performers are companies in healthcare and utilities, a shift... 2 3 years 4 weeks
Everyone Retreating But JPM and GSAccording to GS President Gary Cohn : [quote]You’re seeing big international banks, outside of ourselves and JPMorgan, really taking a pretty substantial step back from the markets, and we hadn’t seen that in the entire history of banking.[/quote] Moreover, he insists that market-making and... 6 3 years 1 month
The Week Ahead : April 1st to April 5thHello fellow monkeys ! What's next after last week's record breaking sessions ? Some argue that the SPX and DJIA will be going down, or as an S... 3 3 years 1 month
Toys 'R' Us IPO WithdrawalThree years after seeking to raise $800 million by going public, KKR- and Bain-owned Toys 'R' Us finally withdrew its fillings for an IPO. What are we to make of this ? The buyout deal was one of the biggest in the mid 2000s, and the company cited “unfavorable market conditions" among the... 2 3 years 1 month
The Week Ahead : March 25th to March 29thHi fellow monkeys, This week, most of the attention will be on Cyprus. It starts on Monday with the deadline for a new ECB-Cyprus deal. If this deal goes through, Reuters speculates that stocks could go beyond the indexes' all-time closing highs given European policymakers find a common ground... 3 years 1 month
10 Words You Should Drop from your ResumeI know it's "another post about this," but Robert Half Int. posted an article about what words you should avoid putting on a resume. This was based on a survey of 1300 HR managers in the US and Canada asking them about what specific words tend to be over- or misused. Here's the list : Hard... 8 3 years 1 month
The Week Ahead : March 18th to March 22ndHi fellow monkeys, According to a Reuters article, the S... 3 3 years 1 month


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Thank you for both of your posts !Thank you for both of your posts ! 63 5 months 1 week
Hey McK_Throwaway, Do you have an idea of how to...Hey McK_Throwaway, Do you have an idea of how to gauge office selectivity/popularity ? I would be looking at European and African offices, so it might not exactly be the kind of information about which you're the most knowledgeable. Any pointers on where to look for that kind of info ? Thanks... 142 10 months 4 weeks
Rolex, really ?Rolex, really ? 9 11 months 6 days
Hey McK-Throwaway, thank you for doing this. Do...Hey McK-Throwaway, thank you for doing this. Do you have any recommendations (books, podcasts, ...) for prospective consultants ? I'm about to start b-school and would like to immerse myself further. Ruhm 142 11 months 2 weeks
futurebankinghopeful: Of the LSE MSc Finance,...[quote=futurebankinghopeful]Of the LSE MSc Finance, Oxford MFE, and LBS MIM, which one has the best placement? Or it is pretty similar between the 3 of them?[/quote] LSE >= Oxford > LBS Msc Fin is LSE's flagship if you're not looking at research oriented programmes and is basically focused on... 17 11 months 3 weeks
harveyrspecter: I'm assuming silk ties are for...[quote=harveyrspecter]I'm assuming silk ties are for work/formal use, while knit are more casual? I've never bought anything other than silk ties before.[/quote] Kinda. I have seen some knit ties at work (top PWM shop) but you better have a serious pair or bring in some serious money to rock it... 11 11 months 3 weeks
enti98: This. Maybe pull the brown shoes/brown...[quote=enti98]This. Maybe pull the brown shoes/brown belt look, as brown TENDS to look a bit less formal/dressy than black. I would also put a tie in the suit pocket and check-in early to see if everyone else is wearing a tie. If so, go put on your tie quickly in the bathroom.[/quote] No brown... 15 2 years 3 months
Please, don'tPlease, don't 73 2 years 12 months
I wonder what kind of drivers they found to...I wonder what kind of drivers they found to promote its growth (in their model, at least). If you do not consider their real estate portfolio, this was a terrible deal, and I don't think they can squeeze that much out of the real estate. 2 3 years 1 month
couchy: IMO - the biggest thing is to 1) pick a...[quote=couchy]IMO - the biggest thing is to 1) pick a classes that matches your strengths 2) avoid classes with unfair competition 3) take recommendations from upper classmen If you're really good at math - use economics, philosophy, and computer graphics to satisfy literature/arts... 50 3 years 1 month
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