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Rescue Financing / Control InvestmentsI am senior at a Non-target UG who signed a FT offer with a top-tier BB (GS/JPM) to be in a desk analyst role focused on distressed credit situations (after spending the past summer there). I have good reason to believe this sets me up well for distressed debt hedge funds. However, I recently... 1 1 year 1 month
Special Credits Group - Exit Oppsquestions answered please delete thread 8 1 year 1 month
Messenger Bag / BriefcaseWill be starting at a BB as a Desk Analyst in credit in July out of UG. Lucky to have gotten this type of role post crisis. I want a messenger bag kind of like this: 2 1 year 4 months
FT HiresOn a number basis, how many S&T analysts do BB's hire each year? Yes its a certain percentage of an internship program, but is it closer to 30 per bank, 60 per bank, etc. I guess I'm talking about larger banks such as JPM, GS, etc. 2 2 years 1 month
Daily UpdateDoes each desk have its own daily market update? i.e. is a daily high yield/leveraged loans update separate from a daily IG update? How does this differ from a daily "credit market update?" 2 years 1 month
S&T Bonus NumbersDoes anyone know what the most recent bonuses looked like in S... 12 2 years 1 month
How do you trade Single name CDS and CDX IG?I am looking at some cds stuff on a bloomberg terminal and curious to know how it works. 1) I see that JCP 1 year CDS is trading at 1577 bps...does this mean that as a buyer-I pay 1577 bps annually for protection? and if so...1577 bps of what? the notional value of a given bond? And then I... 2 years 3 months
GS vs. BlackRockI am a non-target junior interested in investing. Which of the following would be a better opportunity for the summer? GS S... 8 2 years 3 months
BB Background checkI'm a junior with a BB offer in NYC for this summer. Last year I was having no luck as a sophomore. Due to additional credits from high school, I told a boutique bank in NYC I was graduating a year early and got an SA offer (I could have graduated early, and decided to try and do so). Got the... 2 2 years 3 months
Non-Target with S&T Offers but questionsI have 3 S... 2 2 years 3 months


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1) I am joining a BB (GS/JPM) in their Special...1) I am joining a BB (GS/JPM) in their Special Assets Group. This group is a distressed workout group which manages a portfolio loans for the firm. I am going to be covering ~20 names in a few industries to see which parts of the capital structure we like to be in and which parts we should buy CDS... 59 1 year 1 month
The reason I'm making this post is because I... The reason I'm making this post is because I talked to a guy at Citadel who said the non-revenue generating nature of point 1 below would count against me. I want to confirm...although I recognize WSO posts may not match the credibility of a guy who works on the buyside. 8 1 year 1 month
PM for more infoPM for more info 6 1 year 2 months
Check out the winning pitches from HFAC. Learn...Check out the winning pitches from HFAC. Learn from them. 21 1 year 5 months
Sankaty Silver PointBridgewaterCitadel Don't...Sankaty Silver Point Bridgewater Citadel Don't listen to anyone giving you bs about not being able to get an interview. I have gotten an interview from all of these funds from a non-target school either for the SA program or the FT program (Silver Point just started the process for FT and... 30 1 year 8 months
did IBD set you up better for this then some type...did IBD set you up better for this then some type or credit trading / credit research / credit desk analyst role? Can you just talk about the pros and cons of ibd over the latter roles in terms of working at a credit fund? 98 2 years 2 weeks
If you are interested in HFs definitely consider...If you are interested in HFs definitely consider Bain Capital - Sankaty Advisors though. They are gold standard in the credit space. 53 2 years 2 weeks
tonixity: Before or after tax ? Lol. before[quote=tonixity]Before or after tax ? Lol.[/quote] before 12 2 years 1 month
Andrew Silverman at GS is said to be pretty goodAndrew Silverman at GS is said to be pretty good 15 2 years 2 months
3 weeks ago trick3 weeks ago trick 1 2 years 3 months
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