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youngbull22: I'm not 100% sure, but I think you...[quote=youngbull22]I'm not 100% sure, but I think you need 150 credit hours prior to obtaining your CPA. (Someone please jump in if this in incorrect) I have a few friends who are working at a Big 4 and graduated as accounting majors and are now getting their master's in accounting (all while... 7 3 years 3 months
Do your grades not stack up for the top 5 schools...Do your grades not stack up for the top 5 schools? Just wondering why you're ruling them out as too hard already. And if that's the case, I don't think Sloan would be that much easier to get into for you either. Is your employer making you get a MBA or are you trying to use it as a springboard... 10 3 years 3 months
OP, good post that highlights the other side of...OP, good post that highlights the other side of things when considering a MBA. Personally, I've always thought that a top MBA's value is in its: 1) Network 2) Ability to wipe the slate clean, such as getting another shot at OC 3) Adding more oomph to one's CV if they went to a non-target... 16 3 years 3 months
littlebitconfuzzled: What does it mean if I can...[quote=littlebitconfuzzled]What does it mean if I can only see "Linked In member", and no actual name or picture? I want to find possible contacts, and maybe contact them/just see their career path[/quote] You probably don't have a connection to them and they have privacy settings on that... 4 3 years 3 months
Your base is surprisingly low for being in SoCal...Your base is surprisingly low for being in SoCal. But then again...if you are getting good experience there, it's not as bad as it may seem since your hours don't seem that brutal and you can leverage that experience. Use it as a springboard to get something better if that's what you want. No... 10 3 years 3 months
State of Trance: Whgm45: She's not even that...[quote=State of Trance][quote=Whgm45]She's not even that hot...[/quote] I agree. I think Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis and Erin Heatherton are way more hotter than Scarlett.[/quote] Kate...YUM. 24 3 years 3 months
Poly123: Haha I would never pull a Jeffrey...[quote=Poly123]Haha I would never pull a Jeffrey do you all think it would be better just to say that I did not receive any other offers on the form? Does anyone know whether these forms are verified with other banks' HR?[/quote] You had this question answered by others above already... 5 3 years 3 months
Going Concern: Gray Fox: Going Concern: I say...[quote=Going Concern][quote=Gray Fox][quote=Going Concern]I say go for it. Wharton MBA will open up a lot of different doors for you, and doesn't sound like your heart is really into medicine given you're applying for MBA programs. But you can specialize in something like Healthcare Management if... 47 3 years 3 months
Are you using huge font? The formatting looks...Are you using huge font? The formatting looks kind of weird as you're not fitting many words on each line. Also, as others have noticed, take out the books list and remove the part about graduating in 3 years. You should already have the dates in there for it so people can deduce that... 7 3 years 4 months
TNA: Quaneaser: People need to realize that...[quote=TNA][quote=Quaneaser]People need to realize that professional masters programs exist as a way to increase tuition revenue. There are no rankings of these programs like there is with USNWR therefore there isn't really any pressure to admit a diverse class or provide substantial financial aid... 259 3 years 4 months
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