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Even God Has to Eat From Time to TimeHRK at Chipotle, looking very happy to have his picture taken 31 2 years 11 months
Rumor: Northrop Grumman dumping Aerospace...Northrop Grumman is rumored to have plans to spin-off Aerospace division. Spin-off will be either Aero or Space, but based on the number of backlog contracts it looks like Space will be cut. But! in note to senior finance people, Sector VP Tom Vice specifically thanked F18 chief for great work. F18... 2 2 years 11 months
For The History Buffs: The Way of the KnifeHello guys, I just finished reading a great book, one that all of the history/current events/military history buffs here on WSO will like. The Way of the Knife: The CIA, A Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth written by Mark Mazzetti. 2 years 11 months
First Step in the IBD Quest: RejectionHey guys, Time to ramble. I am a non-target, sub-par GPA finance student in California. I've been shooting off cold emails and applications to local boutiques and MMs for the last 2-3 months. Got a couple of auto-ding emails, but most were no-response. On Monday, I get an email from a... 19 3 years 4 days
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Not Guilty?I am not advocating his innocence. But remember: History is written by the victor. 89 3 years 1 week
MSF/MAcc Now, or In One Year?Hello all, I have a question for all of you fellow Master students who have placed/are looking to place into high finance roles. Currently waiting on a top-MSF (Villanova), and I have been accepted into lower tier MSF programs (Tulane, Pepperdine, and Houston) also USC MAcc. I did not get my... 5 3 years 1 week
USC MAcc Info for Prospective StudentsHello monkeys, Here is some info regarding USC's MACC program for any of you who are interested. One year program offered through Marshall School of Business. Average GPA = 3.5 Average GMAT = 650 Tuition ~ $49,000 + $10,500 for non-accounting... 3 3 years 2 weeks
MSF for IBD, which would you pick?Hello everyone, I have a question for all of the monkeys here. If you were dead-set on IBD, and came from a non-target with a mediocre GPA, which MSF program would you attend? Which do you think would give you the best shot to land an IBD gig? Southern Methodist MSF Pros: Strong in Dallas... 15 3 years 1 month
Johns Hopkins MSF for BankingWhat is JHUs reputation on the street, and how helpful would an MSF from JHU be for breaking into banking (not necessarily IBD)? Just from a quick linkedin search, I have found a good amount of JHU IBD analysts (majority at Stifel...weird, I know), but I am curious to see what you guys think... 19 3 years 1 month
Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013What does WSO think of the HR.129 "The Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013"? This bill is calling for a restoration of Glass-Steagall, urging for the wall between commercial and investment banking be restored. Thoughts? 47 3 years 1 month


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Why is my Cal State System school not on this...Why is my Cal State System school not on this list!? 217 3 months 1 week
get a 700+ on the GMAT, tell adComs a good story...get a 700+ on the GMAT, tell adComs a good story and you will squeeze into a low-end tier 1 program (think UCLA, USC, Emory, UNC) 329 9 months 5 days
Major in finance, minor in statsMajor in finance, minor in stats 15 1 year 2 months
Have a conversation with the guy.Have a conversation with the guy. 78 1 year 4 months
A little?A little? 3 1 year 4 months
No chance for hair test. Stop smoking now, stop...No chance for hair test. Stop smoking now, stop doing everything else a week before your test. Cheers bru 3 1 year 4 months
UBS is a great bank. Take everything you read on...UBS is a great bank. Take everything you read on WSO with a grain of salt. Small minority of ACTUAL banking professionals here will steer you the right way, i.e. take the offer. 10 1 year 4 months
Yes, it is.Yes, it is. 9 1 year 4 months
DAFUQDAFUQ 36 1 year 5 months
Wells Fargo - Consumer, Healthcare & GamingWells Fargo - Consumer, Healthcare & Gaming 18 1 year 6 months
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling