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How Do You Deal With the BB Sweatshop Hours?Currently an analyst at a top sweatshop group (GS TMT/MS M... 2 years 11 months
WTF Vanguard?!?!Does anybody else have their IRA set up through Vanguard? Apparently every year on your birthday they send you a message that reads "Happy birthday! Remember to update your beneficiary list in case you die during the next year!" That is a pretty twisted birthday message. 3 years 4 months
Break in the Track for Military ServiceI am currently a first year analyst in a group that a lot of people on this website seem to like (GS/MS/LAZ/BX) mand am considering enlisting in the Marine Corps for two years of active duty. This would not be for another 3.5 years (I want to do two years in banking and two years in private equity... 2 years 11 months


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I currently have a data room that is an actual...I currently have a data room that is an actual client is paranoid. 2 years 11 months
My hobbies include making powerpoint...My hobbies include making powerpoint presentations, excel models, buyers logs, and correcting my associates mistakes, so I think I have that front covered. 2 years 11 months
I heard people are considering it, but nothing...I heard people are considering it, but nothing has been finalized this early. 2 years 11 months
I paraphrased, but still... I agree the reminder...I paraphrased, but still... I agree the reminder is nice, but they should do it over New Years or something; the last thing I like hearing on my birthday is that I am one year closer to death. 3 years 4 months
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