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Canadian EconomyIt's funny that the top Canadian economists thought we would be safe from recession because of our natural resources. 6 years 11 months
Plug for doskI don't usually do this sort of thing, but I just wanted to put out a good word for dosk's resume critique service. It was part of a larger get a front office i-banking job strategy, but it really helped. He definitely bankified my resume. I am graduating this year and started my search really... 7 years 2 months
Turning an informational interview into a...I joined the recruiting season relatively late. I've been cold calling and emailing a bunch of i-banks. One of them asked for my resume and said they are not actively hiring, but would like to me with me. I am meeting with the MD/head of the group that I want to be in. My question is, how do I... 7 years 3 months
Analyst -> AssociateIt seems like everyone is so concerned about exit opps, but what if I really like banking and want to continue without going to B-school. I mean how hard is it to get promoted directly to Associate? Do firms even care about developing their analyst's enough so that they would be really solid VP's... 7 years 4 months
M3 Capital PartnersAny info on this firm would be great. Thanks 7 years 5 months
Stephen FreyDecent reads if you are interested in finance thrillers. Anyone else enjoy his books? 7 years 6 months


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Canadian Economyi've reposted. i was just messing with setting to find out how to deavtivate my account, that is why name has also changed. also, the globe substantiated my claim this morning that the labour cuts were a surprise to all the top economists. 6 years 11 months
Canadian Economy. 6 years 11 months
Canadians SpeakCIBC is second in canada year to date according to Thompson Financial (and they go between first and second every year with RBC), and while RBC is first, it is by no means comparable to Goldman. From friends working at RBC, they say the hours are absolutely brutal and there is a high turnover... 6 years 11 months
What's the best background to have?why don't you do something you are interested in 6 years 11 months
BetsDoing the dirty dozen is good fun. It's where you bet someone they can't keep a dozen of something (like big macs) in an hour. The bets can start off small but can escalate over time between friends. The funniest one so far has been betting my lactose intolerent friend to eat a dozen ice cream... 6 years 11 months
Question about raising childrenMy parents made me pay my way through undergrad using money I made in the summers with the promise that they would pay it all back to me when I finished. Keep in mind that my tuition was only 8000 because it was in Canada. Me and my siblings all got the same deal. In high school they gave me the... 6 years 11 months
Advice appreciated re: study abroad/SA conundrumI agree with Kil. you might actually have an easier time getting an internship in London from LSE then fro NY from a semi target. 6 years 11 months
The Status of WSO[quote=trade4size] And of course he wants to get the word out. Do you guys think hes doing this for fun? This ultimately is a business. [/quote] Exactly, it is a business, but he has to think about who he is trying to attract and cater to. If he doesn't keep the real bankers/traders/... 6 years 11 months
Payroll mistakeit's a test 6 years 11 months
Best clubs/bars in Londonfor best views on a summer night, i like founders arms, it's near tate modern, but it can get full of tourists. for something different, but expensive, you can sit in a jail cell at the bar at the courthouse kempinski hotel. also has an excellent cocktail menu. porterhouse in covent garden is... 6 years 11 months