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What happened to the markets today?So the markets definitely pissed me off today. It was not a good day to own equities at all (aapl). There was also way too much compression in interest rates. Anyone long on interest rates got hit hard. The only thing that saved me was being long vix. Is this seriously all off of the reaction to... 2 years 8 months
Are the markets always right, never right or...I think that the answer to this question depends largely on one's trading style. For instance, value investors might believe that the markets are never or maybe sometimes right. Those who rely solely on technical analysis to follow trends may believe that the markets are always right and trades... 22 2 years 11 months
Questions about automated trading systemsSo I have a background in programming and have done a lot of studying about technical analysis. I have started to put these parts together to build a basic automated trading system. My system so far catches most major trends and rides them out well, but is very vulnerable to false breakouts. The... 6 2 years 11 months
Blowjobs or cheese?To the male monkeys (~97% of you): If you had to choose something to give up for the rest of your life, would you rather give up blowjobs or cheese? Although bjs are fantastic, think of all the incredible foods that wouldn't be possible to eat without cheese... Discuss. 26 3 years 1 month
2 Step Guide to Breaking into IBD from Non-targetPeople always overstate the difficulty of getting into banking from a non-target school. You don't need to transfer to a better school; you can break in. It is called NETWORKING. I will now proceed to teach the two steps for breaking in from a non-target: 1. Teach yourself everything about... 4 3 years 2 months
Non-Target life after bankingSo you're from a non-target school and got an offer for a BB IBD NY internship. You secure the FT offer and move on to your prestigious career as an excel slave in IB. Year 2 rolls around and people are receiving offers to go bask in the supposed glory that is the buy side. Will you have already... 29 3 years 2 months
Can we buy out of these mobile ads?For WSO mobile users, any chance we can buy out of the new mobile ads? 3 years 5 months
WSO: More addicting than Facebook?For me, WSO has gotten even more addictive than facebook. I generally check it whenever I get on my computer and am definitely on it before FB. I have gotten tired of FB lately because WSO provides the two things I often look for when on the internet: procrastination and information. What about... 16 3 years 7 months
Success: How badly do you want it?Do you want it this badly? If you do, you are very likely to be successful. Part 1: Part 2: (Thanks pacman007 for pt. 2) 14 3 years 7 months


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I'm in your exact same shoes (majors, year etc.)...I'm in your exact same shoes (majors, year etc.) and have not learned any finance in school. The studying that I have done on my own has made me completely stand out from my peers. Many firms aren't expecting you to know anything as a sophomore, but if you know enough to out-perform juniors in... 6 1 month 2 weeks
For those who have seen this in the past, how...For those who have seen this in the past, how long will it take for other BBs to follow suit? Can we expect 85 for all 2015 first years at the major banks? 76 1 year 8 months
I honestly think this strategy will get you...I honestly think this strategy will get you nowhere and you'll have a hard time even finding a HF analyst. However, there is very little downside risk. Either way I say go for it. Less for your benefit and more for our entertainment. Do you have a GoPro that you could use? 134 2 years 8 months MindOverMonkey: As...[] MindOverMonkey: As already mentioned, the search function could greatly be improved. The best way to do this would be to just add an option to search by thread title. That way we could find the most relevant threads that we are looking for without having to google... 159 2 years 9 months
[quote=madmoney15] futurectdoc: you don't say "...[quote=madmoney15] futurectdoc: you don't say "no, but I will look it up". Shouldn't you actually do this?? If you really don't know the answer, I highly suggest not bullshiting and pretend you do. Telling the truth always wins, even if it makes you look bad at that particular time.... 54 2 years 9 months
I would set a target for gold of at least 1100...I would set a target for gold of at least 1100 over the next few months. It could probably drop to sub-1000, but I think it will certainly encounter some resistance at the 1000 level. Rising yields + Low inflation + stronger USD = DO NOT BUY GOLD 34 2 years 10 months
analyst_brah: natty light, hands down Always...[quote=analyst_brah]natty light, hands down[/quote] Always go icehouse instead. Same price (or less) and 2% stronger ABV (5.5% vs. 3.5%). 88 2 years 10 months
This is a new low.This is a new low. 4 2 years 10 months
macro33: Yes but not yet. Amazon is a stock...[quote=macro33]Yes but not yet. Amazon is a stock that reacts to moderately positive news. Its like internet bubble 2.0 with amazon the way you describe it. I'd wait until we have a clearer macroeconomic outlook after the next Fed meeting but then again it may be too late by then.[/quote] I... 12 2 years 11 months
This wallet: http://badmofowallets.comThis wallet: 72 2 years 11 months
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