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Most important excel skillsHi guys. I am starting at MBB in three weeks from a scientific background and have thus only used excel for basic statistics and a bit of data analysis. I would really appreciate some insight into what resources in excel you actually used on your first project. So if any recent hires could tell me... 2 years 11 months
How to prepare for first day at BainHi guys Thanks for a great forum! I was hoping that you could help me out. I am starting as a Senior Associate at Bain (Europe) in February, and I would really like to be properly prepared. The thing is that my background is a PhD in Neuroscience and I don't know what they expect from me from... 3 years 3 months


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It is pretty much spot on. The phone bill is...It is pretty much spot on. The phone bill is fully covered though (you might need to pay some in taxes in some countries) and you can also expense home internet and gym membership. 2 years 9 months
consultingcase101 dot com has a very good tool to...consultingcase101 dot com has a very good tool to find practice partners. And good luck :) 3 years 4 days
I practiced with a guy who ended up with a McK...I practiced with a guy who ended up with a McK Dubai offer. As I remember, the interviews were in standard MBB format (that's what he wanted to practice anyway) and 3 rounds (not including the PST of course). They flew him in, but I can't remember if it was for two rounds or just the final. It was... 3 years 3 weeks
I am totally expecting a "Marty Kaan" kinda...I am totally expecting a "Marty Kaan" kinda lifestyle! 3 years 3 weeks 3 years 3 weeks
longn: Other than knowing formulas - make sure...[quote=longn]Other than knowing formulas - make sure you know how to structure the data so that it's easy to perform the formulas (such as creating templates for your client so when they send you back the data, it's an easy plug). This is also crucial : Presentation and data visualization. Make... 3 years 3 weeks
1: Look at the video case tutorial they have on...1: Look at the video case tutorial they have on their website. That will give you an idea about the format. 2: Read "Case interview secrets". You need to apply the thinking described in this book in the interviews. I didn't find "Case in point" at all structured enough. 3: Look at the frameworks... 3 years 4 weeks
You have to apply through their website. You can...You have to apply through their website. You can do this all year. Of course, they might have some internal dates for the process, but then you will just have to wait for the interviews. I applied in May (also through the website and not through campus recruitment) and had my first interviews in... 3 years 4 weeks
At Bain you could probably start at Senior...At Bain you could probably start at Senior Associate Consultant with your work experience, but I don't think you can start as consultant, which is post-MBA/PhD. As always, you need to get the interview. Your stats are far from impressive, so you have to leverage your experience. If you are serious... 3 years 4 weeks
mashed potatoes: i also come from a life...[quote=mashed potatoes]i also come from a life sciences background, so excel was a bit foreign for me. i referred to "excel is fun" on youtube. i highly recommend it to everyone on this forum who are beginners/intermediate with excel. its a college level excel course that has thousands of hrs... 3 years 1 month
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