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Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: Building Cocktails and...Originally, I wasn’t planning to write about the art of breaking down a cocktail this week, but after hearing from @'ArcherVice', I thought this might serve as a good jumping off point to a much larger topic – food and beverage pairings. Pairing food and beverages is a big deal, be it when dating,... 7 months 3 weeks
Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: Simple Steps to Make...There is nothing better than a well-made drink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a perfectly steeped green tea, a glass of fresh homemade iced tea or a perfectly constructed cocktail, a well-made drink always tastes better. At the bar, it is very easy to get a well-made drink; at home, that may not... 8 months 10 hours
Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: The Great American...There is something to be said about The Great American Lager. The King of Beers, except for a brief marketing ploy at the turn of the millennium, has been the title held by AB/Inbev’s own flagship beer, Budweiser since the 80s. I’m not necessarily one to disagree with the moniker for marketing... 8 months 1 week
Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: The Last WordI thought it would be a cold day in hell before I wrote signing praise about something from Detroit. While the city may be a mess and rife with crime, the public pension totally shot, and home to sports baseball and football teams who haven’t hoisted a championship in over 50 years, it is home to a... 8 months 2 weeks
Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: A Guide to My Favorite...Now that the fall is “officially” here since Labor Day has passed us by, and much to my disdain of Season Creep, fall beers have officially been stocked in so many beer stores around the US. In honor of the fall drinking season, I wanted to discuss my favorite beers of the fall. Just to be up front... 8 months 3 weeks
Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: Cocktails to End the...Labor Day marks the end of the “Summer Season”. No more white after Labor Day. The Seersucker Suit gets put back in the closet. We may still have an Indian summer to prolong the warmth and feel of the summer before slowly easing us into the fall. The start of the NFL Season is right around the... 8 months 4 weeks
Blitzed Smashed and Drunk: Season Creep, Pumpkin...Over the last few days, I’ve noticed something in my local beer store. Maybe you guys have noticed it too. Pumpkin Beers are slowly appearing on the shelves. Pumpkin beers mean the season is changing. Except when I look out the window, read the thermometer in my car or even look at the calendar, I... 9 months 1 week
Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: A Guide to...I’ve never been a big fan of ridiculous cocktail menus. Actually, that’s not quite true – I happen to love a ridiculously huge menu because I find them thoroughly enjoyable to peruse and really figure out what I want but I don’t like it when I’m out with a group of friends. While I tend to be that... 9 months 2 weeks
Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: Skittlebrau and the...Flavor is everywhere. From high end dining to even a cheap bottle of Mad Dog, everything has that taste which we mentally attach to something. Everything begins with a blank slate and a clean canvas. When it comes to alcohol, there is only blank canvas. Beer and wine both have strong flavor... 9 months 3 weeks
Blitzed, Smashed and Drunk: A Beginners guide to...Making Alcohol can definitely be a labor of love. It is definitely labor intensive. It’s a time consuming process. It can be financially intensive and the economies of scale don’t always favor the small producers. It takes a long time to perfect and if you make one mistake, it can ruin everything.... 10 months 1 hour


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Why do summer interns at BBs get fingerprinted?Whether it's the FBI or not, I don't know (but I wouldn't be shocked if it were ran against a national database), they fingerprint interns in order to run a background check on them. Instead of searching for you as "John Smith" and every other variant of your name, they use your fingerprints since... 4 days 22 hours
Series 7/63 AdviceThat's only good once you've gone through the material. Once you understand the material, then you can really burn through the tests and take them. As I said, you want to take all of 'em and then take 'em out of order the second (and third if you have the time for it) times you take 'em. 2 weeks 1 day
Series 7/63 AdviceThat gives you a month to study per exam. You fail one and your locked out of retaking it for 30 days. Hopefully your firm gave you the STC Books. Those tend to be the easiest ones to study. My advice is read the STC Books twice and do all the questions in the book during the 1st two weeks. 78... 2 weeks 3 days
Best Sandals for Wall Street?Pat, I'm on my third pair of Mephisto's in 8 years. I had to replace 1 pair after a number of years of hard wear (replaced it with a second pair of the same sandals) and I bought my other pair so I could have a pair of casual beach sandals. I swear by 'em and love 'em. I don't think I'd ever... 2 weeks 3 days
Non-solicitation Period Post-ResignationYeah - lawyer up. Not going to lie, it's your best choice. This way you can have a lawyer review the agreements and make sure that they aren't overly restrictive. 5 Years is excessive and the agreement, at least as you present it, prohibits you. if I'm reading this right, from doing anything in... 3 weeks 6 days
Reverse merger of two public companies?I think you're thinking of a Inversion deal. An Inversion is a type of merger where a company either buys out or is bought by a foreign owned company in order to take advantage of the foreign tax rate. Bioavail was the acquiring company even though the company kept the Valeant name. Medtronic is... 1 month 5 days
Future of streaming music services@chriszeoli", I think you have it all wrong .They spent 3 Billion on Beats by Dre because they were losing out on the music edge. Their iPod platform was great 10 years ago because it was a simple elegance that shaped the way people would listen to music on the go. Now that I can put my iTunes... 1 month 2 weeks
Future of streaming music services@Addinator", First off, there are two types of rights. The first is essentially a writer's credit. I believe it's called a publication right, which pays out the writers of a song for their contribution to the lyrics of a song. This way, they get their cut. The second is what's called a Master... 1 month 2 weeks
Medicine + Business = what???Okay... you need to do something very important - decide what side of the line you want to be on. Do you want to practice medicine/be involved in the direct practice of medical services or do you want to engage in something that requires formal Med School training without the need of being a... 1 month 2 weeks
Future of streaming music servicesNot very much. I think the entire battle is going to come down to whether or not what companies like Tidal and Rhapsody/Napster are going to be able to have a viable model with pay for consumption use. Although the current system is not necessarily the best (Free w/ Ads vs. Adless streaming or... 1 month 2 weeks