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When should I start looking for a place to live? Starting june/july '15 in NYC, FT. When do you all suggest looking for a apartment? (in ib) and when should I sign by? Also, How many roommates do you suggest? Where would you live? If you work in downtown... Going out is a factor, as well as convenience and decency of place (can't be a dump... 9 months 1 week
Could you wear this to an interview?Let me rephrase: Would it be equivalent of wearing a standard blue or grey suit or is it more bold? Charcoal Blue Suit 10 months 2 weeks
The HoursThe hours are tough, most don't recognize how much it really is until they are there. Here's 70 hours for you: 9am to 11pm every weekday. Doesn't sound like much, but think about it realistically. You're up by 8am, you get home by 11:30pm.. Sleep, rinse repeat. Increase that to 80 hours, 10... 1 year 1 week
Need help on how to execute this viewI wanted to make a trade on shorting the 10yr Japanese Bond.. Similar to this topic: BUT, I couldn't find a viable option. I looked on bloomberg at Powershares DB Japenese 10 year inverse ETN, (equity I believe) but the... 1 year 3 weeks
CFA exam DoneFeels good, living the high life right now. how about you? Mod note (andy) - combining two CFA posts into one, here are the questions posed from the other: From @"dkim1984": [quote]First, congrats to all those that sat this past saturday for ALL levels. Second, what are some insights you... 1 year 3 weeks
Slipping with leather dress shoes... Have any of you have this problem on slick floors? I've slipped twice (fell on my butt) and thoroughly embarrassed myself.. One each on Cole haan and Johnston Murphy... kinda feel id have the same problem with AE and any other leather sole shoe... how do you manage to grip? I typically wear... 1 year 1 month
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 5/2-5/9In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: Suddenly rich out of primarily luck. What would you do if you were me? [quote] Some background: I graduated from a semi-target in 2011 with a STEM major. Towards the end of my college-career I got in early on a... 1 year 1 month
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 4/25-5/2In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: 106 Rejections, 1 Success... 1 year 2 months
Exam vs going out with friends?Title says it all...Exam vs going out with friends? sooo tempted...have a decent gpa of 3.7 already..and my friends are graduating seniors... goddamn, i want to go so badly. what say you? 1 year 2 months
WSO Weekly Wrap-Up 4/18-4/25In case you missed them, here's some of last week's most popular topics: B-U-B-B-L-E? [quote] Greenlight Capital Inc. hedge-fund manager David Einhorn came out yesterday and joined others in warning about a technology bubble in the current stock market. [/quote] Posted by @"the_essential... 1 year 2 months


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CFA Level II 2015 Study GroupTo do or not to do CFA level 2 is the question... 8 months 4 weeks
Good questions to ask in coffee chatswhen you sit down first, ask they "hey hows it going? how was your week/day" they'll respond, you make some slight mark oh, sorry to hear or haha thats good. they'll ask you how yours was say "its been great" and give a good reason why even if it wasn't a good week. makes everything a bit more... 8 months 4 weeks
Lazard to BBtoo much info given here.. at least take your school name off. I'd say try to lateral to GS or Blackstone or Evercore. i wouldn't switch for MS, JPM, depending which contacts you have at which groups. is it Lazard mm or actual Lazard? 9 months 4 days
When should I start looking for a place to live? thanks, appreciate it! alright the rest of ya trollers, give me some real advice.. 9 months 1 week
Work Cell Phone... Separate or Merge?2 phones, though the bulk sucks, especially when going out. extra battery, no mistaken drunk text or picture, or drunk email to a MD... and privacy of personal life 9 months 1 week
Long TSLA - One Year Laterpm-ed him before he left the site. and we talked about it. I liked how he was humble enough to admit he was wrong and willing to adjust his thesis. 9 months 2 weeks
Long TSLA - One Year LaterWH changed his views on tesla and still made money off of it from shorting at certain points and going long. so whats the purpose of this post? to make you feel good? 9 months 2 weeks
Deleted ---JPM, bulge bracket so bigger network and up and coming BB. starting to be grouped with GS/MS. yes which group at JPM.. TMT, hc, m&a definitely take jpm. idk about the others 9 months 2 weeks
FT Offer Decision: Wells Fargo vs Jefferies vs UBSJefferies works their generalists like dogs. absolutely get killed. idk about jeff 9 months 2 weeks
POLL: BH's Next Investing Topic?bump, I want # 3 and #5 done! you owe us blackhat for all your success 9 months 2 weeks