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forum deletionsThe amount of people posting and then deleting their posts after the fact is getting ridiculous. The whole point of the site is to serve as a repository of knowledge. 5 months 3 days
Moving geographically - how easy?Just curious -- for a mid-level hedge fund analyst (~5-7yrs buyside exp), how easy/difficult is it to move internationally, eg from US to Europe? (Assuming languages aren't a problem.) Seems like the big hurdle is lack of local market familiarity, but at the same time people *have* made that move... 6 months 4 weeks
Blowdown scenario modelling -- O&GHow would one go about modelling this based on public filings for a single-asset producer with ~100 operating wells and no public detail on each individually? All I know (or at least, all I think I know) is the current overall corporate decline rate and a general idea of the decline rate for any... 1 year 5 months
Portfolio companiesFor the other PE analysts/associates here, how many portfolio companies and live deals are you covering/working on at any given time and what's the typical team size for each? 1 year 6 months
Good, tough technicals to ask?I want to up the technical difficulty of my interviews -- what are some tough but fair technical questions to ask people who have 2-5 years of IBD experience? (i.e. beyond the "If depreciation goes up by $10", or "How do you calculate FCF" questions) 2 years 2 months
How would you value this?Convertible bond. Face of 500. If the underlying equity doubles in 5 years, you get 1,000 (cash or equity). So it's up 100pct. If not, you just get your 500 principal. I'm thinking this is a bond with a binary option? But not sure. 2 years 4 months
Company CompensationAm I the only guy who is pissed off by all these 0-year analysts posting their starting salary and $0 bonus? It just clogs up the site and gives absolutely no information we don't know. On another note -- any way users can add clarifying comments? Some of the salary/bonus ranges for some... 2 years 8 months
Good accounting book?Does anyone have a recommendation for an accounting reference that gives or includes a good in-depth treatment of goodwill accounting/deferred tax assets (NOLs, book vs. tax depreciation)/anything else that you need to know backwards and forwards for PE? This is for someone who has no formal... 2 years 8 months
Starting in PE...couple QsI am starting a job in PE soon and had a couple questions that have been concerning me since I received my offer. I was hoping some more experienced monkeys would be able to help out. 1) How do you guys stay organized when you're working on a company? Any tips / methods that work well for you?... 2 years 9 months


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[Urgent] PE Associate Non-Compete ClauseSo much bad advice above. No idea of employment law in HK but non competes definitely don't require "severance." Also, at the outset of employment the offer is legally sufficient as consideration for a non-compete. That said, 12 months is quite long. What you need to do is speak with a... 1 day 15 min
Good place for informal interview lunch in NYC?Def chicken and rice guys And put on lots of hot sauce to impress the shit out of whomever you're meeting 3 days 18 hours
Toronto Office Consultants - Looking for candid...LOL US "eccentric" 5 days 6 hours
Why is Stern disliked so much, but Wharton...[quote="MacTavish"]Wouldn't NYU's location make networking easier?[/quote] I don't think you understand what a network effect means 5 days 10 hours
Why is Stern disliked so much, but Wharton...[quote="steamer"]How does it do that?[/quote] Network effect 5 days 15 hours
Why is Stern disliked so much, but Wharton...The only reason anyone goes to business school is to build a network and maximize the chance of getting a good job. Wharton does that better than NYU. /thread 6 days 5 hours
Debt in WACCIf you guys understand the concepts behind CAPM and WACC it should be obvious that things like AP and DTL are not debt 1 week 2 days
What would you guys say a bonus might be for...You could check the comp database Old threads Or...just wait a month 1 week 2 days
Non-Compete Agreement?It's not uncommon, but definitely not the rule, for that level to be subject to a non-compete. Whether they're enforceable is another issue. That said -- even if they are not enforceable, your former employer could still be a big pain in your assistance and waste a lot of your time and money... 1 week 2 days
Interview Question on bonds[quote="reed.maybee"]Hey, I know I'm super late to this thread by a few months but I want to add a point you guys might have missed. The biggest difference (and, personally, the first that should come to mind) is "What collateral is there?" In a generic case, non-tech companies have very few, if... 1 week 3 days