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forum deletionsThe amount of people posting and then deleting their posts after the fact is getting ridiculous. The whole point of the site is to serve as a repository of knowledge. 3 months 3 weeks
Moving geographically - how easy?Just curious -- for a mid-level hedge fund analyst (~5-7yrs buyside exp), how easy/difficult is it to move internationally, eg from US to Europe? (Assuming languages aren't a problem.) Seems like the big hurdle is lack of local market familiarity, but at the same time people *have* made that move... 5 months 2 weeks
Blowdown scenario modelling -- O&GHow would one go about modelling this based on public filings for a single-asset producer with ~100 operating wells and no public detail on each individually? All I know (or at least, all I think I know) is the current overall corporate decline rate and a general idea of the decline rate for any... 1 year 4 months
Portfolio companiesFor the other PE analysts/associates here, how many portfolio companies and live deals are you covering/working on at any given time and what's the typical team size for each? 1 year 4 months
Good, tough technicals to ask?I want to up the technical difficulty of my interviews -- what are some tough but fair technical questions to ask people who have 2-5 years of IBD experience? (i.e. beyond the "If depreciation goes up by $10", or "How do you calculate FCF" questions) 2 years 1 month
How would you value this?Convertible bond. Face of 500. If the underlying equity doubles in 5 years, you get 1,000 (cash or equity). So it's up 100pct. If not, you just get your 500 principal. I'm thinking this is a bond with a binary option? But not sure. 2 years 3 months
Company CompensationAm I the only guy who is pissed off by all these 0-year analysts posting their starting salary and $0 bonus? It just clogs up the site and gives absolutely no information we don't know. On another note -- any way users can add clarifying comments? Some of the salary/bonus ranges for some... 2 years 6 months
Good accounting book?Does anyone have a recommendation for an accounting reference that gives or includes a good in-depth treatment of goodwill accounting/deferred tax assets (NOLs, book vs. tax depreciation)/anything else that you need to know backwards and forwards for PE? This is for someone who has no formal... 2 years 7 months
Starting in PE...couple QsI am starting a job in PE soon and had a couple questions that have been concerning me since I received my offer. I was hoping some more experienced monkeys would be able to help out. 1) How do you guys stay organized when you're working on a company? Any tips / methods that work well for you?... 2 years 8 months


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Worst Interview experience?[quote="AcquisitionsGuy"]I had an MD ask me to answer a complicated math question in the middle of the interview. After running through the math on paper, I gave him my answer. He then asked if I was willing to bet my job offer on my answer. After I said I would never bet something that important... 5 days 16 hours
Worst Interview experience?Ending an otherwise good interview by calling the interviewer the wrong name. 5 days 16 hours
Technical Question - ROA[quote="AidenP"]Return on Asset = Net Income / Total Assets For a company that consolidates financial statements from its subs, for the Net Income in above formula, do you use Net Income attributable to Parent, or Net Income (=Net Income attributable to Parent + Net Income attributable to... 6 days 21 hours
2015 Summer Intern questions[quote="ChimpOnMyShoulder"]"mrb87" wrote:"ChimpOnMyShoulder" wrote:I doubt there are very many people with this exact experience. I can answer you that it will 100% not destroy your career. But I would encourage you to tell us whatever happens so that the next 1 off kid has something to reference... 1 week 4 days
EBITDA question[quote="inspiring_banker"]I think this is it. This company works for the government so they don't get taxed, but one of their subsidiary does have income tax. Assuming a company is tax exempt, that company does not have to add back tax expense from NI + D + A to derive EBITDA right? And if a... 1 week 4 days
2015 Summer Intern questions[quote="ChimpOnMyShoulder"]I doubt there are very many people with this exact experience. I can answer you that it will 100% not destroy your career. But I would encourage you to tell us whatever happens so that the next 1 off kid has something to reference.[/quote] Bingo, because most people (... 1 week 4 days
EBITDA question[quote="inspiring_banker"]Revenue - COGS - operating expense = EBITDA assuming D&A are not included in COGS or operating expense. Why is it then EBITDA = Net Income + D&A as well? The first part is before tax whereas the latter is after tax if you start with Net Income Can somebody help... 1 week 4 days
Question on managing relationship with...Just go through the process and if they give you an offer tell the headhunter it didn't feel like a good fit once you learned more from them. 2 weeks 21 hours
5s/10s curve[quote="goong522"]Cries - any place i can see this visually? Say new 5yr bond was priced @ T+60 and new 10yr bond was priced @ T+105[/quote] Then your 5s/10s curve is 45bps. 2 weeks 5 days
Is Both Emailing and Inmailing Alumni OK?[quote="Entrepreneur100"]Is The Real Max's way the most common approach to increase the response rate after you have sent a cold email or an email to an alumnus and not received a response? This might be a weird question, but would you keep sending the same follow up email every week?[/quote]... 2 weeks 6 days