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"50 cent army" on WSOLooking at this forum here: The last two posters as I'm typing this ("particlesandmodels"... 8 3 years 1 month
Question about QE & the FedWith the Fed buying so much fixed income (e.g. MBS), aren't they going to take a huge loss when interest rates go up, since the value of those bonds will go down? How is the Fed going to deal with that? 1 3 years 1 month
Interview Monday. Hear Back Tuesday. Thank you e-...I have an interview on Monday morning and I hear back on Tuesday. Should I send a thank you e-mail that Monday night? Is it worth it or would they have already made their decision by then? 2 3 years 3 months
What's up with the estate tax?Just wondering what your opinion is on the estate tax, since that might get raised to 40% for inheritances above $5mil. I come from a country that doesn't have it and I think it's totally immoral. What gives the govt the right to take away a dead guy's money, assuming he has heirs? especially when... 1 3 years 4 months
Can't think of an ethical dilemma - how to...I never had to cheat/plagiarize/copy homework in school. I never stole stuff either. How am I supposed to answer the ethical dilemma question? I could obviously BS an answer, but I'm sure the interviewer can tell right away that I'm BS-ing. So how would I best approach this question, if I'm asked? 8 3 years 4 months
Confused about Duration & Convexity?I haven't taken the fixed income class yet so I'm just learning this stuff by myself. I've came across many different definitions of duration and convexity, and I was hoping someone can tell me which one is right. Definitions I got for duration: - amount of time it takes to recover the cost of... 13 3 years 4 months
How to answer these interview questions?Recruiting is coming up and there's some questions that I can't think of good answers for. Maybe you guys can help me? Q1: The "describe a moral dilemma that you faced" question My real answer: Can't think of any. Never had to cheat/plagiarize/copy homework in school. Q2: Why our bank? My... 10 3 years 5 months
Broad vs Narrow Networking?I've networked with analysts at many banks, setting up occasional calls. However, with less than 2 months to go, I feel like it's time to focus my attention on firms that I really liked (out of the 9 BBs, I was particularly impressed with ~3 of them). I'm thinking about reaching out to more people... 1 3 years 5 months
Apply to both CapMarkets + IBD?Some firms have separate postings for GCM (DCM, ECM, LevFin...etc). Is it frowned upon to apply to both GCM and IBD? I understand that applying to IBD + S&T may raise a few eyebrows, but what about GCM + IBD? easier to pull off? 4 3 years 5 months
Who to ask out for coffee?I talked with two analysts at the same firm (they know each other). I'm going to NYC for one day next week and I'm thinking about asking one of them for coffee. Will it look bad if I invite one but don't invite the other? I don't want the other guy to think I'm a douche since I didn't ask him. Any... 10 3 years 5 months


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mitchillen: Please provide a reputable source...[quote=mitchillen]Please provide a reputable source of who "they" is and who says that. Imo, this is a really stupid idea and depends on the amount of wealth, the way you raise your kids, etc. This is just a common saying that people believe for no reason. I really don't get how you are basically... 29 2 years 11 months
jktecon: Owned because this man took time out...[quote=jktecon]Owned because this man took time out of his life to troll me lol...I have friends from my University currently doing Econ PhD's at MIT and Berkeley. None of them cared about cornell. I got into schools significantly better than Cornell. I chose a free education and was paid to study... 108 3 years 3 days
jktecon: highwyre237: jktecon: Because it's...[quote=jktecon] highwyre237: jktecon: Because it's annoying how Cornell kids act like they are in the same world as HYPSWColumbia/MIT/Chicago/NYU. To be honest it may be just me but i would take UT Austin over Cornell. I would take GA Tech over Cornell. It's the equivalent maybe of a good... 108 3 years 3 days
IvyGrad: 1st tier: HYP 2nd tier: Penn, Columbia...[quote=IvyGrad]1st tier: HYP 2nd tier: Penn, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown - big drop - 3rd tier: Cornell The reason I picked Cornell at the very bottom of the barrel is due to its huge student class, which translates to lower % that a given individual has at clearing 1st round interviews for... 108 3 years 3 days
Whenever I read threads like this, I think about...Whenever I read threads like this, I think about how doomed the next generation is. 108 3 years 4 days
Major firms go to Cornell despite its remote...Major firms go to Cornell despite its remote location, so NYC isn't that big of a factor. Firms go to Cornell so Cornell students don't need to make the trip to NYC to go to them. 10 3 years 2 weeks
These topics need to be banned. I swear it's the...These topics need to be banned. I swear it's the same person creating different accounts making all these threads. 12 3 years 1 month
Great article, thanks.Great article, thanks. 8 3 years 1 month
Wrong forum to ask. WSO is crawling with Cornell...Wrong forum to ask. WSO is crawling with Cornell haters. You won't get an objective perspective here. 20 3 years 1 month
packmate: Goldman hires most of its analysts...[quote=packmate]Goldman hires most of its analysts from NYU and that is surprising when there are school like Wharton and the other ivies.[/quote] WTF? 3 3 years 1 month
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