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"Cluttering up" Linkedin profile?Before I started at MBB I was a college professor, and many (upwards of a hundred) of the undergrads I taught two years ago are now wanting to add me to their LinkedIn profiles. Problem is, none of them have jobs yet. If I accept all of them, they'll outnumber my actual connections (to people in... 3 years 1 month


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Absent some inflection-point event in your career...Absent some inflection-point event in your career, there's basically zero chance that this will work. You need a narrative and currently you don't have one. 1 week 2 days
Things like expense policies tend to vary more...Things like expense policies tend to vary more across teams and managers than across firms. 2 weeks 12 hours
opsdude1: However, there's definitely a...[quote="opsdude1"]However, there's definitely a misconception in this forum that MBB does pure strategy work all the time, and non-MBB do all ops work...which is completely wrong. You can look on their websites if you don't believe'll see all the same service lines and sub-service lines... 2 weeks 16 hours
Most firms don't care if you moonlight in an...Most firms don't care if you moonlight in an unrelated business, as long as it doesn't impact your work. "Moonlighting" doing the same thing that your firm does will almost certainly get you fired. 1 month 1 week
The post above is accurate and well-thought-out...The post above is accurate and well-thought-out regarding medium-term moves (i.e., an actual office transfer for a period of a few years). The one thing missing is to point out that all the MBB have "year-abroad" type programs which are explicitly designed to be temporary transfers, and they are... 1 month 1 week
Teletype: Oh come on devildog, what is your deal...[quote="Teletype"]Oh come on devildog, what is your deal? This guy has never done this before, what's wrong with asking for some advice from people who have?[/quote] The kid asked for advice and I offered some. He's since removed his post, but one of the questions he asked (among a number of other... 1 month 1 week
Radiohedge: Don't hate. Getting perspectives of...[quote="Radiohedge"]Don't hate. Getting perspectives of people who have actually lived it can never hurt him.[/quote] It's not hate, it's genuine advice. I'm in year 5 at MBB, I manage associates for a living. There are lots of questions where asking for tips makes sense (like the question the OP... 1 month 2 weeks
Here's a tip: learn how to make a simple decision...Here's a tip: learn how to make a simple decision on your own without needing to consult outside resources. Seriously. If you cannot figure whether you should have a roommate without asking for tips, consulting is not for you. 1 month 2 weeks
No.No. 4 months 1 week
I also have a PhD in physics, and (following your...I also have a PhD in physics, and (following your lead of using BCG ranks) I'm a PL who is about to be a Principal. And let me tell you, you are approaching this whole thing entirely wrong. Ask yourself: do you like your job? Do you think that if you were a management consultant, you'd like that... 4 months 3 weeks
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