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Carlyle 2014Heard that one of the industry groups for NYC gave offers but others havent and some havent even given invites for final rounds. anyone have any other intel? curious on the status for the various MFs 2 years 2 months
Banking vs PE Crossroads.Background: did 2 years at a top BB group (GS TMT / MS M... 2 years 3 months
UBS Internship - Take or No?All, My roommate's younger brother is a sophomore at a semi-target. He has received an offer for an IBD summer internship with UBS and a a upper tier boutique consulting firm (Monitor / LEK / Booz) He is very interested in investment banking and would ideally leverage the UBS internship for... 2 years 4 months
UBS Senior Banker Bonuses?Just saw this on dealbreaker, posted today: I imagine there will be a notable amount of senior departures in the future. can someone on the inside provide any additional insight than what is provided in this article? any implications for junior... 2 years 4 months
BX PE - Summer 2013Just curious - can anyone in the class of 2011 shed light on whether or not BX went through recruitment this past week for associates to join Summer 2013? Just curious given that they have a well established PE analyst program that already feeds into b schools and senior analyst promotions, as well... 2 years 5 months


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Delete112313sounds super awkward. move on 4 months 2 weeks
When do YOU walk into the office? when i was in banking analysts typically came in between 9:30 and 10:30. fridays were loose; 10am or later 4 months 3 weeks
When do YOU walk into the office? when i was in banking analysts typically came in between 9:30 and 10:30. fridays were loose; 10am or later 4 months 3 weeks
Timeline to call back and reiterate interest...either youre on hold or it's a no. in either case, checking in with someone won't make a difference. if they want to give you an offer, they will 4 months 3 weeks
Quality of talent at Megafunds?just going off my personal experience. I spent my time as an analyst in one of the top 3 groups that i mentioned in my original post and the people who went to MFs werent any more or less impressive or stronger on the desk than others; just interviewed well and came across well on paper (went to... 4 months 3 weeks
Quality of talent at Megafunds?not necessarily better. generally just came from better schools and networked into top groups. that would be like saying that all analysts in GS TMT / MS M... 4 months 3 weeks
Firms that (don't) fill their FT class with...GS under hires so they leave room for internal mobility candidates 4 months 3 weeks
Why do so many PE guys want to move over to the...have two friends who moved from MF PE to HFs, one straight from one to the other, another did SGSB in between. both said the work in PE was worse than banking, very into the weeds with companies far past the point where its interesting and into the point where it gets stupid. liked the idea of... 5 months 2 weeks
REDACTED B99% of people them interchangeably. I've been in IB/PE for 4+ years and don't know the difference (if any), and it has never been an issue. 6 months 4 days
generic threadsometimes but usually not an option. most banks will have some sort of process through which you can express interest in another group for FT but they're often not receptive to it (particularly if you're trying to move into a group that is typically higher-demand) unless you are top of the intern... 6 months 6 days