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Ending Prop Trading: Offers Rescinded?Let's say you have an offer at one of the large commercial banking giants in their S&T division. Is there a risk that your offer could be rescinded w/ this garbage legislation that the Obama Admin is proposing? Surely if this thing gets passed, headcount will be scaled back drastically.... 15 6 years 3 months
Looking for a roommate in CharlotteGoing to be starting FT in Charlotte in July 2010. PM me if you're interested in possibly rooming up. Also, anybody know what the best apartments are in Charlotte? 6 6 years 5 months
Another Resume Review - Getting ready for FT...Getting ready for FT recruitment in the fall. Tear into it: **It prints all on 1 pg, Razume is just screwed up 7 2 weeks 1 day
Truth about HBS 2+2I've read through the archives on discussions pertaining to HBS's 2+2. I'm thinking about applying, but I'm concerned as to whether or not the program is 'for me'. I'm a double major in math... 32 7 years 3 weeks
Just to Double CheckMM SA > SA at NY Fed right? I have accepted an offer at a MM, but the NY Fed has invited me to an interview. It's prudent to turn the interview down right? 3 7 years 3 weeks
Thoughts on Risk MgmtWhat are everyone's thoughts on risk mgmt, and where the business is headed in the future? I've heard that banks have been increasing their risk management divisions across the board, and that these businesses have been booming under the current recession. Reason I'm asking is because I'm... 3 7 years 1 month
Now What The Hell Do I Do?0 for 4 in final rounds with BB’s. GPA: 3.86, double major, non-target. In short, I’ve been preparing since Christmas for SA recruitment (read the WSJ twice a day, networked my ass off, and practiced in mock interviews) and now I have nothing to show for it except for the fact that I have horrible... 62 7 years 2 months
Timeline for non-targetsJust to clarify this. Does anybody know when non-targets usually hear back regarding SA 1st round interviews? Assume it's after recruiting is done at the targets, but I'm a little worried because I got all my apps in to the major banks about a month ago and still have not heard back from anyone... 3 7 years 3 months
Dow Sub-10,000 today...Any Takers?Who thinks the Dow will drop below 10,000 at some point today? 2:1 on twenty bucks says we'll see it, any takers? 21 7 years 7 months
Nab CapitalI have an interview coming up for a semester abroad internship with Nab Capital, which is the investment-banking arm of The Bank of Australia. Specifically, it will be with their fixed-income and DCM division. I have been working on the floor of the PHLX all summer in an options trading stint,... 5 7 years 9 months


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"You are presented with a fair, 6-sided die. What..."You are presented with a fair, 6-sided die. What is the expected number of rolls needed to roll two 6's in a row? (i.e. if you roll two 6's right off the bat, that counts as 2 rolls)" Well the probability of rolling 2 sixes in a row is 1/ the number of expected rolls would be 36? 192 3 weeks 1 day
Ok obviously for (a) the answer is $3.50 because...Ok obviously for (a) the answer is $3.50 because you just mult. each amount paid by 1/6 and add them, but for (b), if each role is valued at $3.50, one's instinct is to say $7.00 because your essentially being given two roles for the price of one, but I think that is the teaser answer. What did you... 192 3 weeks 1 day
Probability questions for S&T interview (...Probability questions for S... 192 3 weeks 1 day
HaHa_You_Farted: ^ You are a retard..........[quote=HaHa_You_Farted]^ You are a retard.......experience trumps all and a high GMAT will mitigate a low GPA clearly[/quote] I hear this argument all the time on WSO, but it's hopeful at best. Yeah, maybe for top 5-15 MBA programs it carries some weight, but for top 5, you really should have... 330 9 months 1 week
singularity: See above for why having the GMAT...[quote=singularity] See above for why having the GMAT test "intelligence" is more important than just testing knowledge. It's also unfair (and doesn't suit the needs of business schools) to test knowledge. Different majors would face negative and positive biases. Do you really want to be tested... 144 3 years 2 months
singularity: It's not difficult to do if you...[quote=singularity] It's not difficult to do if you plan it (and many, many people do) and it's become much easier with digital resources like professor feedback and websites. There's such variance in coursework and load even within a school that it's absurd to think that it's the best metric.... 144 3 years 2 months
sleepingmonkey: 1500+? For the GMAT? I paid the...[quote=sleepingmonkey]1500+? For the GMAT? I paid the 300 dollar fee to take the test, checked out the books from the local library, used the resources on the internet, and pulled a +700.[/quote] Whatever. I don't care. I just spent $150K on my education and am $80K in debt. I should not have to... 144 3 years 2 months
singularity: If you were as "academically...[quote=singularity] If you were as "academically successful" as you claim to be over four years, it should be a joke to do well on the GMAT. Are you going to make the same ridiculous claim during an interview? "How can you discredit 4 years of academic success just because one can't "figure out... 144 3 years 2 months
king_ari: ^^i doubt that he took "ridiculously...[quote=king_ari]^^i doubt that he took "ridiculously easy classes" as a math and econ major. with that said, i still feel standardized tests serve their purpose. it seems odd that you cant crack 1100 on an sat...maybe youre just testing wrong.[/quote] To be fair, I just didn't give a shit in... 144 3 years 2 months
This is exactly why I believe standardized...This is exactly why I believe standardized testing is flawed. Simply put: Some ppl are good ST-takers and some people are bad ST-Takers. I graduated from a top university w/ a +3.8 GPA with a double math/econ major and didn't even crack 1100 on my SAT. I've recently been prepping for the GMAT and I... 144 3 years 2 months
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