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How to order job on resume?I worked for a boutique bank my sophomore/junior year, and then went to a BB for an internship and now am back at the boutique bank. How should I order that on my resume? Currently I have it BB (June 2014 - August 2014) Boutique (May 2013 - Present) Does that make sense of should I flip... 7 months 2 weeks
thread to be deleted. see above. 11 months 4 weeks
WSO Resume Review Service Reviews?Has anyone used WSO Resume Review Service? I'm curious what you guys thought of the service and quality of review and whether or not you would recommend it to a friend. Thanks. 11 months 4 weeks
NYC SA Shoes Are these shoes appropriate for a SA at a top BB in NYC this summer? My dress code is biz casual, slacks with shirt, no tie or jacket on a typical day. And yes I searched, I just wanted to get an opinion on these shoes exactly. 1 year 1 month
B-School out of UGSo I'm a junior at a non-target but top 50 school looking to go to grad school - decent grads and internships. I took the GMATS and got a 770 on them, do you guys think I have a shot at a top MBA program? Option II is back office work. 1 year 8 months
Non-Target S&T Junior Resume Junior at non-target, looking to get a sales trading internship for this upcoming summer. All feedback will be appreciated. Thanks! 1 year 8 months
What to wear for a Desk VisitIn the next couple weeks I am going to be visiting a couple different equity s&t desks and was wondering what should I wear to these? I was thinking a suit with a tie in my back pocket just in-case I need it. Has anyone done this or have recommendations? 1 year 8 months
Heisen GroupHas anyone had experience with Heisen Group, a prop trading firm? If so, how was that experience? 1 year 9 months
Room available ASAP $1900 Union Square huge place...Hey guys- We need to fill one room in our 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 kitchen apartment. It's on 16th and 3rd and has a 24/7 doorman, a block and a half to union square subways. the apartment is huge by NYC standards and the living room is gigantic. The main kitchen is also very spacious with a... 1 year 10 months
WTF NASDAQ....First the GS error and now NASDAQ is shut down. Get rid of these bots. Sell off after this? 20% of sp500 stocks trade on NASDAQ. Is NASDAQ going to take the hit on all of these loses, should they? Discuss 1 year 10 months


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How much do quants at BBs make?I know a first year quant at Citi making roughly 125k all in first year depending on the bonus pool he is in. 2 weeks 2 days
Follow up after the interview what firm? 1 month 2 weeks
If you had to have a job that could not be...Yacht Captain. Frickin love boats. 2 months 3 days
Interview with Barclayssuperday for this was Wednesday the 25. I think its safe to say you didn't get the second round of interviews. 3 months 4 days
Seeking a sample equity research (SHORT)what firm? 3 months 1 week
Is juggling two internships simultaneously bad?This could possibly be a huge conflict of interest? 3 months 1 week
What Internships Did You Have & What Was Your...Fresh Year - Engineering Firm Soph. Year - 1.2 AUM HF Jr. Year - BB OPs... (hated every second) FT - 1.2AUM HF 3 months 2 weeks
What Internships Did You Have & What Was Your...Fresh Year - Engineering Firm Soph. Year - 1.2 AUM HF Jr. Year - BB OPs... (hated every second) FT - 1.2AUM HF 3 months 2 weeks
Junior non-target resumeThis reads like a third graders "What I did this summer" paper... 4 months 2 weeks
How To Respond To Your BonusJust say thank you with a straight face for either situation. You gain nothing by letting them know you are upset or happy with the amount. If you are going to quit than wait for the check to clear before doing so. 4 months 4 weeks