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See-through white/light blue shirt = cheap...What brand shirts do you recommend that do not expose the undershirt? My white and light blue shirts are all thin (or cheap) enough to where you can easily see the undershirt. This was never a problem during interview season since I'd always have a jacket on, but I'm wondering if this will be an... 11 5 years 11 months
Taking advantage of foreign exchange rates for...Let me preface this by saying I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to currency and exchange rates, so I apologize if some of these questions seem very basic. I'll be traveling across Europe for about 25 days in the month of June, right before I start working full time. Earlier today, I read... 6 6 years 1 week
Houlihan Lokey Restructuring - Best Office...At an info session on campus earlier this year, the HL guys said that their 8 offices are spread out throughout the US so that no office is really a satellite office. Can anyone vouch this? I have an office visit coming up in one of their non-NY offices, but I was thinking about trying to move... 15 6 years 6 months
Structure of Greenhill/Evercore (New York) Super...Anyone know how their super days work? Are the interviews typically more technical or behavioral? I'd assume the latter since they're both small firms (so fit is extremely important), but maybe there is also a large technical component involved? If we assume 5-6 interviews, I'd guess that some were... 5 6 years 7 months
How do I use one offer to make myself more...Today, I received an offer to intern at a regional research boutique (not my dream job, but something's better than nothing). The recruiter asked that I contact him to work out offer details (start date, pay, etc.), and I feel obliged to contact him soon given that final exams are done at the end... 6 7 years 15 hours
State of the NationInitial thoughts on the State of the Nation? My initial thought: what was Pelosi thinking wearing that puke green dress? 14 7 years 2 months
SNL- Don't Buy StuffSketch on SNL with a good message 1 7 years 2 months
Porn airs during Super Bowl[quote]Just as Cardinals' superstar Larry Fitzgerald watched himself sprint into the end zone on the stadium's Jumbotron during Sunday's Super Bowl, 10 seconds of eye-popping pornographic imagery "flashed" across the screens of those watching at home.[/quote] 7 years 3 months
Thoughts on Imperial Capital?I have an interview with Imperial Capital but I don't know much about the firm. Does anyone know much about them (hours, culture, opportunities in the firm- groups, strength among the middle market firms, etc.). Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 5 7 years 3 months
Blackstone Cover LetterI'm trying to write my cover letter for Blackstone, but my university's on-campus recruiting website does not mention who to address it to. Should I just start it as "Dear HR Recruiter:"? Also, my understanding is that boutiques take the cover letter more seriously. Any suggestions on how to... 8 7 years 3 months


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I thought the thread was funny, and even more...I thought the thread was funny, and even more funny if the OP is serious. 491 4 years 10 months
Weak. Would rather see something like this:http...Weak. Would rather see something like this: 6 5 years 11 months
Sun Wu Kong = richochetX? I've never seen this...Sun Wu Kong = richochetX? I've never seen this much fail before in a forum. 4 5 years 11 months
Gridley and Co Livingston SecuritiesPiper Jaffray...Gridley and Co Livingston Securities Piper Jaffray Bank of Ameria Gold Mansacks Super Lehman Brothers JT Marlin etc. 32 5 years 11 months
I think most people in my class who recruited in...I think most people in my class who recruited in Houston went with PwC, but it really comes down to what your future goals are. If you're hoping to transition into a more finance-related area (TAS for EY, TS for PwC) to possibly position yourself for investment banking, EY has the bigger/better... 19 5 years 11 months
monty09: if your in town and want to network...[quote=monty09]if your in town and want to network with some like minded folks while eating steak, drinking some beer and playing some poker then come on by. Few gays on here who live in Houston came last summer and it was a good time. PM me for directions[/quote] I'll bring the lube. 12 5 years 11 months
Banker88: Yeah stop wearing Express button...[quote=Banker88]Yeah stop wearing Express button downs to work. Do a search on shirts- there are plenty of threads (no pun intended). Charles Tyrwhitt is the way to go.[/quote] I wore Express shirts in high school. Thanks for the Charles Tyrwhitt recommendation. Checked out their website. 4... 11 5 years 11 months
San Franciscan: TheBenevolent: Slacker23: I...[quote=San Franciscan][quote=TheBenevolent][quote=Slacker23]I'm a bit concerned about all the pokemon invading WSO....[/quote] i feel like i am talking to a bunch of middle schoolers grow the fuck up kids.[/quote] I considered making a squirtle account just to reply to this topic.[/quote... 41 5 years 11 months
How can people possibly compare this to what the...How can people possibly compare this to what the Nazis did in the 30s and 40s? 34 5 years 11 months
Thoughts on exclamation marks? "Hope you have a...Thoughts on exclamation marks? "Hope you have a great weekend!" "Congrats on ____!" etc. I usually refrain from using them since they make the text sound overly enthusiastic, but there are other times where not using them makes me seem emotionless. Nothing gay like "Hey how are you?!?" 52 5 years 11 months
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