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How did you/would you handle a job that you hate so much that you are bad at it?

This is my first time posting here. I am quite desperate, so please any help would be greatly appreciated. I...

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Is Meridian That Bad?

Obviously, there are stigmas about certain prominent industry players, especially in regards to brokerage...

Sales and Trading
Why choose Sales and Trading over Investment Banking?

What are the advantages to sales and trading over Investment Banking? What should your interests be to go...

thrown out
Off Topic
Thrown out halfway through interview

Hey y'all, I am just wondering if this has like happened to anyone else before. I was interviewing at a F500...

Job Search Advice
Politely turning down offer for firm you want to work for in different division?

I'm a couple years removed from college (east coast, large state school, non-target, Poli Sci degree) and...

WSO Paris Happy Hour: Fri 8 Feb, 8pm @ Bar des Halles

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credit cards
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Credit "hacking" and life

I saw an ad on YouTube where this 20 years old opened up over 200 credit cards (including a Black Card) and...

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Employer asks you if you’re interviewing elsewhere

What should one do if their employer point blank asks them if they are interviewing? Sometimes it's easy for...

cold letter
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Sending a physical cold letter?

Just was curious if I sent a few emails. Is it better to call or just Yolo and send a physical letter?. Is it...

frat house
Private Equity
Kainos Capital co-founder alleges 'frat house' culture amid plot to steal stake

Had anyone dealt with Kainos before? 'The blockbuster suit levies a host of allegations against Kainos co-...

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