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What happened to Wells Fargo Asset management

Some news came out about them. What happened to them? Are they having a good year?

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Monkey to Millions | Andrew (Session 11) - End of the Road? Wrapping Up The IB Internship - Aug 21, 2020


In this session, Andrew makes a bold decision as we near the end of the road...

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Tips to join family RE offices?

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Q&A: From Master's dropout to BB IB to PE

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What's considered being staffed to a "good deal"

Hey fellow monkeys, As I constantly see people talking on the forum about importance of gaining trust and...

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Weird technical interview - who was right?

Hey guys, I had the weirdest technical interview a few days ago and wanted to check with you whether I got it...

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Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy
Corporate Development - Those who left banking, when did you leave and do you regret it?

So similar to, I imagine, a lot of you, I'm starting to really struggle with the grind of banking. The work...


"The WSO Investment Banking Interview Course was my main study guide and I landed the exact job I wanted, so obviously it was a great investment. The packet was excellent in helping me understand balance sheets, all that technical stuff. I went through 2 months of training afterwards at [BB bank] so I understand the packet even better (almost 100% now)...ha!"

Charles Y.
Result: Credit Risk Analyst @ JP Morgan in New York

"I had made it to 2nd and final rounds at a few PE funds, but no offer. The first interview after going through this course I made it to the final rounds and got an offer! I think WSO PE package made the difference - in fact, one of the LBO modeling tests I got in the 2nd round was almost identical to one of the 1 hour LBO ones in the package. Having that modeling practice and the confidence going into the interview is priceless.."

Matt D.
Result: Pre-MBA Associate @ MM Private Equity Fund in New York

"The HF Interview Course was instrumental in building out my knowledge of the space. Essentially a HF 101 course. Invaluable to have it all in one location and helped me transition from PE into hedge funds successfully..."

Ethan H.
Result: Analyst @ Elite Hedge Fund in NY