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Asset Management
If you had $1B, but could only make one investment with it, what would you do with the money?

Title says it all. Trading structure/strategy can be as complex as you'd like, but the money has to be put...

bonus pay
Investment Banking
Blackrock Cut Bonuses - Who's Next?

Hey Monkeys, A story just broke out that BlackRock is cutting bonuses due money flowing into passive funds...

credit cards
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Cash is no longer king

I've posted on the use of credit cards, and the incentives that overwhelmingly push us in that direction. The...

ibd internship
Investment Banking
Nerves and excitement - Tips to help out a sophomore SA

I have been reading WSO since senior year of high school when I knew that I wanted to go into finance. After...

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Off Topic
Affirmative Action based on Wealth

This topic really hits close to home with me. When I see peers of underrepresented minority (and yet highly...

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Investment Banking
Right bank - wrong group or Wrong bank - right group?

Curious what people think when evaluating this kind of a scenario? Imagine a choice between a BB ECM group (...

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Business School and GMAT
European Vs American Graduation system

Hello everyone, I am a new monkey in the business and was wondering what the differences are between America...

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Spirit in the Sky: Drink Recs for Airplane Rides

Being a frequent flyer, I've always noticed that Bloody Mary's tasted better when on the airplane. I...

Asset Management
The Purge - Asset Management Edition

Monkeys, the purge is beginning, and I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. In short, Fido is offering...

business school
Asset Management
MBA for Immigration, worth it?

Hi guys, I did my undergrad at a top Indian college (think #1) and then straightaway enrolled at an MBA...

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