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Q&A: 3rd+ Year Associate - L/S Hedge Fund

As over the years, I have received a lot of help from many of you here (interview preparation, modeling...

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Thoughts on real estate secondaries market?

I will be joining a group this summer for FT at a BB that has a real estate arm focused on primary and...

Investment Banking
What is the point of partnership at Goldman Sachs?

I do not understand what "being a partner at GS" means. I understand that Top consulting firms and Big4...

WSO Podcast | E148: Investment Banking at BAML to Private Equity out of UNC

About In this episode, TarHeelMonkey shares his path from UNC to BAML. We understand what interested him in...

Investment Banking
Q&A: Senior Banker

Haven't been active on the site in awhile. WSO is a great resource but the amount of misinformation shared is...

experience measured
Real Estate
How CRE experience is measured

How do we rate our experience in CRE? If someone in acquisitions has worked on $1 billion of asset...

Hedge Fund
Q&A: Tiger cub hedge fund analyst, previously worked in PE

Hi all - I have seen a number of misleading posts/comments here on WSO as it relates to both PE and the HF...

lack skills
Investment Banking
What skills investment bankers lack the most?

All in the title, also applies to investment banks as a structure. We make IB look like a super-human...

do not enter
Investment Banking
WARNING : Do NOT enter IB (coming from a VP at a BB)

For the past 7 years, I have been working in M&A at a BB and can tell you this; it is never going to get...

Corporate Finance, Development and Strategy
Q&A: Corporate Development and Investing Associate

Hi Monkeys, As I've extracted great advice and wisdom from the community over the years, I figured I'd take...


"The WSO Investment Banking Interview Course was my main study guide and I landed the exact job I wanted, so obviously it was a great investment. The packet was excellent in helping me understand balance sheets, all that technical stuff. I went through 2 months of training afterwards at [BB bank] so I understand the packet even better (almost 100% now)...ha!"

Charles Y.
Result: Credit Risk Analyst @ JP Morgan in New York

"I had made it to 2nd and final rounds at a few PE funds, but no offer. The first interview after going through this course I made it to the final rounds and got an offer! I think WSO PE package made the difference - in fact, one of the LBO modeling tests I got in the 2nd round was almost identical to one of the 1 hour LBO ones in the package. Having that modeling practice and the confidence going into the interview is priceless.."

Matt D.
Result: Pre-MBA Associate @ MM Private Equity Fund in New York

"The HF Interview Course was instrumental in building out my knowledge of the space. Essentially a HF 101 course. Invaluable to have it all in one location and helped me transition from PE into hedge funds successfully..."

Ethan H.
Result: Analyst @ Elite Hedge Fund in NY