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Infamous Incoming Analyst
Real Estate
The Infamous Incoming Analyst Post but make it Real Estate

As many people know, for IB and consulting, it has become increasingly common for people to post something on...

Real Estate
How have you quit?

I'm an hour away from telling my boss I'm resigning. This is/was my first job out of school, and want to...

E115: Norm Cappell (Savvyy) - Going from law to banking to distressed debt to fintech

Norm decided he didn't want to live his life based on someone else's template (the prestigious law firm path...

first job
Investment Banking
Does GPA matter once you get your first job?

Starting at Moody's next year. It's my last semester. I wanted to keep my GPA above a 3.5 but by the looks of...

Busy Road in Hong Kong
Sales and Trading
AMA: Hong Kong / Singapore Sales And Trading Recruitment

Hey guys, I've been part of the WSO community for quite some time now, and I realized that there weren't a...

Investing, Markets & Macroeconomics
Pipeline official

MARKETS U.S. economy: After contracting again in November, the manufacturing sector is now hitless in its...

truth on CRE
Real Estate
Can someone tell me the truth on CRE Brokerage profitability potential

Hi guys, I just landed a brokerage internship at a top shop in a secondary market for next summer (I'll be a...

fitting in
Off Topic
How to deal with not fitting in at work?

Been at this firm for a month now, fresh out of college, in a new city. I'm one of three analysts in my...

bank teller
Investment Banking
Bank Tellers make more than IBD analysts (Hourly)

I don't understand why you all brag about how much comp you make. As a a finance major this seems like simple...

Thanksgiving Table
Investment Banking
AMA: Bulge Bracket IB Summer 2020

Hello everyone, In order to keep the thanksgiving spirits going I would like to follow suit with the other...

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