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Investment Banking
Goldman Sachs Salt Lake City IBD is being dissolved

Apparently GS is dissolving their SLC IB division. Top bucket analysts will be transferred to NYC /SF and...

how dare
Investing, Markets & Macroeconomics
How dare you, sir

MARKETS Bears look here: How low can bond yields go? U.S. 30-year Treasury yields ducked below 2% for the...

going out
Real Estate
Going out on own with former coworker

Hey guys, long time forum member, posting from a throwaway account not to give myself up. Background is 7...

pro ball
Hedge Fund
Pro ball to Pro Analyst

I am going through a career change from professional baseball to investment management. I played for the past...

Off Topic
What’s a CRITICALLY Important Concept That Most People Get Wrong?

I saw this on twitter and I thought damn that's a good question. Someone else said "That time has far more...

worst names
Real Estate
Worst/most cringeworthy RE company names?

This was inspired by the recent Nate Paul thread, which mentioned both World Class Holdings and Rich Uncles...

Off Topic
Atlanta vs. Vegas Living

Hey everyone - I'm a second year IB analyst from the Midwest. I'm weighing a few opportunities for my next...

Truck Driver to Prop Trader - How He Broke into An Elite Prop Shop Against Ivy League Competition and a 2.9 GPA

Member @Knightshade shares his winding road to working at one of the top proprietary trading shops in the...

Financial chart
Sales and Trading
AMA: Options Trader at Top Prop Firm

About I knew nothing about finance, below 3.0 GPA from UIUC, and had no connections. But I made it. I found...

Private Equity
Brand Name or Great References - What Matters Most?

Deciding where to sign a full-time IB offer--choosing between an EB and a top BB (GS / MS). My end-goal is MF...

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