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Law School is a Terrible Idea

What is a default answer for anyone who does not have a job after graduation?

The answer I hear far too often is law school.

In my opinion, it is an answer...

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We've been getting more events posted lately (Paris / NYC / Chicago coming soon) so let's keep the momentum going!

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How to Make a Phone App if You Only Know Investment Banking

After my original post describing why I decided to resign from Rothschild and start my own company, we have since expanded Rickshaw to 22 currencies and 6 languages. Passengers...

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If you are a financial professional and would like to contribute a series of posts to WSO (not an internship) please email me directly: - Thanks! ....

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The Divorce Fund: Speculating on Your Misery

I have spoken candidly in the past and will gladly do so again, about my misadventures in the world of marriage. It's a world many foolish men enter, but few ever leave financially unscathed. Today, we look at yet another nail in the coffin of this once noble and righteous institution.

One year ago, Stacey Napp founded Balance Point. Not surprisingly, with money from her own divorce settlement. Balance Point is a divorce investment fund. It essentially ponies up its legal services for free (under the guise of a financial investment) and takes a percentage of the winnings, pardon... settlement .

What It Really Means to Be "Alpha"

I'm fairly new here, and deciding what to write about in a blog entry might seem easy enough, but I'd rather people enjoy what I read than just read it and forget it. So I...

Keep In Touch! Networking Template

As much as it may be stated on this site, networking is one of the key factors in the success of most young professionals in finance. Whether it is gaining valuable advice, or...

The Street Before Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas Monkeys!

The Street Before Christmas 2013

by Eddie Braverman

'Twas the Street Before Christmas 2013...