How to Treat the New Blood: 3 Rules to Follow

Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 2/7/13

Now, most of the posters on WSO aren't managing anyone yet or even have anyone below them on the totem pole for at least a few years, but those that will (or have) may benefit from this post. There are literally hundreds of threads talking about how to deal with bosses and colleagues but rarely do you find one discussing how to treat those beneath you.

More importantly, it's probably going to happen sooner than you think. Unfortunately, I've seen even the BEST analysts fail and make countless mistakes when managing down while they have no problem with managing up. We're so used to sucking up and playing politics as the lowest guy on the totem pole that we have no idea what to do when a wide-eyed 20-21 year old is thrust into our cubicle by the staffer.

Picking the Right Group

Many threads have been created over the years concerning which group is best, what exit opps are from each group, etc.

While strength of groups change with the tides, i.e UBS healthcare left for Jefferies, I'm only going to comment GENERALLY and on my OWN experiences at a mid-tier Bulge Bracket bank, so if you disagree, you're probably right so feel free to share your own experiences at your shop.

Now, if you're at an elite boutique or mid-market, it's going to totally depend on your shop and what that particular shop is good at. Example: Qatalyst and Allen obviously have their own niches that they're known for and you'll just need to do a search on that yourself.

With that said, hopefully this thread helps to answer a few of the repeated threads about what group to pick.