The dark side of workaholism and why it is never too late to hit the breaks

Hi tigers! I admit it - I used to be a workaholic. I used to see myself as an achievement oriented, results focused and hard driving career woman. I was in denial. The workaholism symptoms are really hard to spot. It started with a lingering feeling of guilt every time I took a day or even a few hours off. I remember liking to play the role of "earth mother". Always available to pick up the next pitch. Always happy to stay in the office during public holidays. Always ready to fly 5 hours on business for an one hour meeting. Then I realized that I stopped buying casual cloths (when would I wear them?) - Instead my business suits , white shirts, black leather bags and high heels took over my wardrobe. Maybe that is when I started to spend my weekends at the office.

5 time-wasting habits I managed to overcome in 2012

With the year end upon us it is a good time to reflect what makes 2012 worth remembering. It is also the perfect moment to talk about the reasons why this year was my most productive year ever. After many years of fighting my notorious time stealers I finally managed to get rid of them. The time management experts recommend breaking the old habits with creating the new ones that serve as a replacement. This is what worked for me:

Habit 1:

5 Mistakes Wall Street Employees Keep Making

There's nothing more pragmatic than learning from mistakes made by others. Unfortunately, most people prefer to make their own mistakes. Here are 5 things that you can do to make sure that you don't mess up so that history doesn't repeat itself.

Don't make yourself indispensable: If your boss gets to rely on you too much it may sound like a smart thing to do - until you get passed for opportunities or project that would give you more exposure to the "outside" world. This can make you "invisible" despite all your hard work. Position yourself as someone who can be more useful for your boss by being "out there" and spreading the good word.

5 Tips to Avoid Pitfalls on Your Climb up the Ladder

Are you driven, ambitions and well underway to earn your stripes in banking or PE? Are you prepared to work your socks off in order to climb to the top ASAP? You cannot wait to "grow up" fast enough? Do you believe that once you "made it" you can have a life?

I don't mean to put you off but reality bites sometimes. IT IS A SWEET DREAM. In the real world once you reached your peak there is only one way: DOWN. Even worse: After all these years climbing up the ladder you might look down and realize that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall?

Here are 5 thoughts to help you avoiding pitfalls on your climb up: