One Fell Swoop: Multi-Purpose Networking

"Make mistakes of ambition and not mistakes of sloth. Develop the strength to do bold things, not the strength to suffer." -Machiavelli ,"The Prince"

What if you could kick ass at your current job while networking for another, effectively killing two birds with one stone? With all the talk of efficiency at work that goes on here, from Excel shortcuts to dual monitors to note-taking programs, I figured I'd write a blog post about another form of efficiency that I have found particularly successful: Multi-Purpose Networking. If you have a job in sales or you're ever prospecting for work, you can definitely pull this off, although I will caution you - you do have to be careful.

Why Being Fit in the Real World is Difficult

What's good, WSO? I have been traveling a good bit lately and incredibly busy at work, so I apologize for being a bit absentee. To those of you who PM'ed me, I'm going to get back to you soon. I also have some quality stuff lined up including how to better interact with CEOs as a broker and a discussion on the recent financing deals with CRE companies, but alas - the real world calls and things have to be pushed back a bit.

That's a decent enough transition into the following, which took a lot less prep time but is probably effecting a lot of you out there. Yes, it's a repost again, but things getting pushed back due to business and laziness is its main topic:

Key Transferable Skills Learned in Commercial Real Estate

Like any job, not everyone is a commercial real estate broker because it is their first choice. Maybe you had dreams of banking or consulting but somehow came up short. Maybe you want to be a developer or work for a REIT one day. Maybe you simply had no idea what you wanted to do but selling and leasing skyscrapers sounded a lot cooler than selling cars, or insurance, or televisions. Unlike a lawyer or a doctor or a banker, no one knows that this career even exists as a child, much less what you do in it, and as such, no one who does it has wanted to do it forever.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Compensation

It's time to talk about money in Commercial Real Estate - how you get paid and the options out there.

I've been complaining a lot lately, here and here, but you really shouldn't let my antagonistic boss and growing disillusionment with commercial real estate brokerage dissuade you if you are considering brokerage as a career. CRE might not be the most high brow form of high finance, but the lower impediments to entry, emphasis on personality, and lower complexity that set it "below" consulting and banking can be a godsend to charming bastards with horrible GPAs and a non-business major like myself.

So, I figured while I take some online finance courses and study for the GMAT to get out of the industry, I should get back to helping those looking to break in. If you're interested, make sure you check out my 6 Tips for Networking and 5 Things That Determine Your Success in the industry, but I know this is WSO so here's the inevitable money thread.

Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Day in the Life: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Ever wonder what you do as a commercial real estate broker? The truth is, it's really hard to do a "day in the life" post for the position because no two days are alike. So, instead of just doing one, I'm going to make this a general day in the life post, from a day of mine last week, and then in the spirit of M&I do a "best day in the life" and "worst day in the life" as follow ups.