A Letter to a Chimp

Dear My Little Chimp,

Slow down, child. I know you are just starting that BB investment banking job and are looking to move into private equity, or you just started that biz dev role and are studying for the GMAT so you can get into B-school, but first, you have a lot of work to do.

You're off on a fun adventure, though it may not seem like it every single day. You're being paid to learn various skills that will continue to make you money and provide a certain level of security for the remainder of your life. You may find some days you're the ball, but other days you're the Louisville Slugger. Some days you're the windshield. Some days you're the bug. Ride the waves.

If you can last through the late hours, challenging personalities, lack of sleep, and self-inflicted poor nutrition (because, let's be real, you can choose to eat healthy foods and drink in moderation), many doors will open to you. And these doors are not limited to suit-wearing jobs in New York City. You're showing the world that you can compete professionally with the big dogs. You're not in triple-A anymore.

How to Crush Your Informational Interview

Mod Note (Andy): "WSO Best of 2013" - this was originally posted Aug 1st.

So summer is winding to a close and recruiting season is rapidly approaching. Monkeys will be...

Interview Series #5 - Private Equity Senior Associate

Here is our final interview in the China Finance Interview Series. It is with a senior associate at a local private equity firm. After going to a non-target but big state...

Interview Series #4 - Family Office Manager

Here is the fourth interview of our China Finance Interview Series. It is with a manager of a family office. In the wake of his father's business, Mr. Wang, as he shall be...

The Next Breakout Bank: USPS?

Was surprised nobody has posted on this topic yet, so I thought I would throw it up here on the forum.

In summary, Senator Elizabeth Warren is seriously proposing that to address the impeding United States Postal Service bankruptcy, the postal system take a note from the history books and other countries and turn itself back into a bank. Millions of Americans are currently underserved when it comes to financial services and those uneducated ones are often at the mercy of loan sharks. Few want to privatize the USPS, though I a bet a few PE firms wouldn't mind tossing their hats into the ring. And this isn't the first time a banking structure has been proposed to maintain the public nature of the postal service.

But the debate is fresh.

The Rules of The Game

I love two things in this world: Money and Lazer Tag.

Games. We all play them. What's the first thing you must do before excelling at any Game? Learn the rules. I don't...

Interview #3 - Infrastructure Outbound Fund Associate

Here is our third of five China Finance interviews. It's with an associate at an outbound investment fund, though not physically located in mainland China.


Interview Series #2 - Private Wealth Management in China

Here is our second interview in the China Finance Interview Series. It is with a private wealth manager who has had previous experience on both the buy and sell side. As the...

Interview Series #1 - Banker Turned Real Estate Entrepreneur

For the next few weeks I'll be releasing interviews I've conducted with a few cool guys in the finance/finance-related space that also intersect with China. This is the first...

How China PE Firms Differentiate From the Competition

In striving to compete for your investment dollars, private equity funds seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Thus, it is hypothesized, LPs will be more...