HappyPantsMcgee the Interview.

I've been fortunate enough to meet HPM two years ago at the first Energy Rodeo in Houston and recently had the opportunity to ask him some questions which the WSO audience could find useful. HPM works in strategy at a top 5 bank. Primarily his group concentrates on product and regulatory strategy with a focus on credit and balance generation.

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To undergrads:

Facebook Earnings Call

After the market closes today, Facebook will conduct its first ever earnings conference. With the share price hovering in the high twenties down from the IPO price of 38$, investors are looking forward to hearing what the plans going forward are for Facebook and most importantly their strategy for creating revenue.

As Facebook was hammered during the weeks following the IPO with conversation regarding the doubts about its future revenue growth, Mark Zuckerberg and his staff know that this is the primary point of discussion that they will have to address during their earnings call. The street is projecting that FB will see an increase of earnings compared with last years' second quarter, however, the growth rate of new users has been steadily declining.