Ten links at ten

I'm feeling a little under the weather monkeys, so instead of my usual rant, I figured I'll just give you guys a little weekend reading. Hope you like it. Enjoy.

* The Rotten Heart of Finance ( The Economist ) - probably the best article about the LIBOR scandal so far. Anyone think Barclays is gonna survive this? To say that this thing won't end well would be a spectacular understatement.

* Ten Steps One Should Take To Become A Successful Speculator, from Victor Neiderhoffer ( Daily Speculations ) - this probably isn't for everyone, but nevertheless, I think this should be made required reading for anyone interested in trading .

Can we really “have it all?”

With almost 9,000 comments, 375,000 recommendations, and 11,000 tweets, Amy Chua's lengthy diatribe against American-style parenting might be one of the most-read articles on...

France to clamp down on layoffs

Keeping up with unemployment is a bitch, but somehow, everybody seems to have their own way of handling it. Take Iceland for instance, after letting their banks fail, they...

Can the BRICS make up for the PIIGS?

Ever since the Euro crisis began, headlines around the world have been predicting nothing but full on gloom and doom to fall upon us.

4 years into it, the stakes are...

Gold: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Gold may have blown away stocks,
bonds, and practically ever other risk asset for the past few years, but if you were late to the party,...

Hedge Funder on dating: “the dumber the girl, the better”

It's Saturday, monkeys. And while I normally regale you with my highly ineffectual wrap ups at this time, this piece from BI has compelled me to write about something a little...

Compensation, EU Style

I never knew these guys could be so creative.

Shareholders should have the power to curb bosses' pay and set caps on executive bonuses, the European Union's top...

WSO cribs: Beach House Edition

We've seen their New York homes as well as their Hamptons getaways, now it's time to take a peek where our 1% goes to for some serious R&R.

Prestige overdose after...

The weekend wrapup 4.28.2012


* DJIA +1.5%, S&P 500 +1.8%, NASDAQ +2.3%

* Another month, another FOMC statement and Q&A. This month's however was pretty meh; little has changed since the March meeting and aside from the Bernank saying that he'll scramble the choppers when shit hits the fan, there's barely anything to go on with this one. Definitely not the statement QE3 fans have been hoping for.

* Meanwhile, real GDP figures for the US have slipped from 3% to 2.2% (2.5% expected). And while personal consumption, home sales, and consumer sentiment figures all jumped to the upside, jobless claims were still pretty high.

The Weekend Wrapup 3.17.2012


* S&P 500 +0.6%, DJIA +0.4%, NASDAQ +0.5%, S&P/TSX +0.4%, IPC +0.3%, IBOV -0.1%

* After weeks of testing, Treasurys finally broke through support last Tuesday after the Fed's soft FOMC statement (along with strong retail figures, a drop in jobless claims, the stress test results, and a relatively solid America) sent sidelined investors rushing to reallocate funds. There's still a lot of money in the bond market and if equities continue performing, a lot of dudes will be forced out of their "safe havens". Meanwhile, Operation Twist is a total dud .