Margin Call Film Review at Sundance

[WARNING: This is a comprehensive review of the film " Margin Call ." If you would prefer to not know anything about the film until a wider release then please do not continue reading.]

It wasn't a bad year for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. There was a Kevin Smith film which experimented with a new genre for the director... horror, a film named "Co-Dependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same," the event winning documentary on the life of the late 3-time F1 World Champion Ayrton Senna (no James Hunt film this year), and then there was "Margin Call," aka "Wall Street 2 for smart people," according to the director J.C. Chandor. Toss in some world class skiing, a few private concerts, and a bunch of drunken tourists and I think you have an excellence event at hand.