Why You Should Reject that Start-Up Job

I've always considered myself entrepreneurial at heart. Even since I've started my work in IB , I have continued to work on developing a few "back pocket" ideas that I'm...

Response to "My Private Equity Recruiting Process"

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Having been through PE recruiting on...

NorthSider's Semi-Regular, Curated Linkwrap - November 2014

All too often lately, it seems, I am behind on replying to private messages. Though it is my sincerest intention to follow up on each item in my backlog, there is one question...

Does herd mentality play a role in the popularity of banking?

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Basic Questions About PE Recruiting Answered

1. When does PE recruiting cycle start?
Varies from year to year, but for the last 3 cycles, the main process has either run during March / April of your 1st year (2012 and 2014 Associate classes) or January / February of your 2nd year (2013 Associate class)

2. When does it end?
Most funds have completed recruiting 2-3 weeks after the process starts

3. If you are in a good group, should you be proactive in reaching out to headhunters, or will they find you? How can you maximize your chances of getting interviews?
Generally, top groups will be contacted by headhunters and you can mostly sit back and wait for emails to come to you. If you notice any glaring omissions, obviously reach out

IB Background Checks: What You Need to Know

It's that time of year again: for the incoming class of summer analysts, many of you are going through the (depending on what you've been doing the last semester or so)...