Cold Calling 101

Whether you're trying to land a position, sell a product, or simply network with others, learning the art of selling should be a vital part of your learning in any profession.

The most effective way to do all of the above is to learn the art of selling yourself. While there are many aspects to selling yourself, there are two core skills that all salespeople master.

A) Cold Calling
B) The Face to Face Sale

Cold Calling
Mastering cold calling opens you up to a whole new world. It allows you to efficiently obtain information and move your career forward in an efficient amount of time without having to wait for an email response that may never happen.

MSM Continues Manipulation

Most of you already know how much I despise the Main Stream Media when it comes to almost everything--especially politics. So no introduction is needed. Let's jump right into it.

1) The propping up of Rick Santorum

Ok really? Like 2 weeks ago Santorum was polling a measly 4% in Iowa. He's been polling poor the length of his whole campaign. In all actuality, he probably should have dropped out of the race already.

About a week ago I start reading articles in WSJ and NY Post about how Santorum 'could' make a run for Iowa. I chuckled. Then CNN started propping him, saying that he is the dark horse candidate. Then FOX jumped on. Then the snowball effect took place.

The Media's Outrageous Take on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy AKA Isolationism

After last night's GOP debate, it didn't take long for pundits to pounce on Ron Paul's foreign policy, among other things 'Crazy Uncole Ron' believes in.

Michelle Bachmann, who has practically been meaningless for the past few or so months, came out hard on Paul lastnight, grilling him on the whole question of Iran posessing nukes.

Among other asshats, Brett Baier continued to drill Paul on this very question as if he was going to get a different answer the 5th time he asked.