My Biggest Career Mistake to Date: Prestige

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I occasionally get PMed by people at colleges I've never heard of before, asking if they have a shot at IBD .

Folks, why IBD ? The finance world is broad and varied, and there are a million ways to make a buck. Why pick the one that's going to be hardest for you in your situation? There are mutual fund companies, asset management companies all over the damn place. Hedge funds. Auxiliary businesses. Those folks will look beyond the name of your institution and your GPA in the hunt for quality. Why knock on the door of the one section of the industry that has built a massive recruiting machine designed to keep you out?

Time for me to share what is potentially the biggest career mistake of my life.

What banker careers really look like: real private data

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The most common arguments on WSO are about what it really takes to make it to Wall Street... and...

Four college kids started a hedge fund. Should I invest?

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One of the biggest problems with having large corporations as clients is that there's so much crap you're not allowed to invest in...

The 7 "Good" Work Habits of Bad Analysts

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This is all representative of commonsense (but ultimately bad) advice I got during undergrad and followed...

How to Deal with the Biggest Weakness Question

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Interviewer: "So... what's your biggest weakness?"

To be honest, I think the biggest weakness question...

How to skip straight to final rounds

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Guys, I'm back from four days spent recruiting at our top targets. Thought I'd share...

The douchiest things I ever said: can you top this?

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There are some segments of the economy in which it takes a douchebag to drive value. (This is unfortunate, but empirically observable.) And Auntie Bankerella is worried.

See, over the years I've seen douchebaggery decline little-by-little, both on WSO and in my work life. You young monkeys currently entering the prime of your douche years are just not as douchy as we were back in the day.

I'm not saying it's your fault. Few people achieve their full potential of douchiness naturally; it's something most of us learn by emulation. Which means my generation hasn't properly schooled you guys.

What every banker girl needs

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Cold Hard GMAT: Are You Too Stupid to Hit 760?

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Do you want to go to a top b-school? You should have a 99th percentile GMAT .

This is hugely controversial. I have no idea why. If you're already assured of getting into your top school because you're so awesome or your dad's name is on one of the buildings, go ahead and flame me. This post is not for you. If you already got into your top school with a sub-99th percentile score, awesome -- but this post is not for you.

If you currently lack certainty around getting into your top school, here's why you need a 760+ score:

What banker careers REALLY look like: The DATA

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All right, folks, got some hard stats here. Read 'em and weep, or rejoice (you know who you...