Darth Disney

Nothing to do with finance or Wall Street this week but nonetheless an interesting topic (at least I hope it is!)

Lucasfilm Ltd has been sold to Disney for a shade over $4bn, with George Lucas getting a considerable stake in Disney as a result. Disney have already announced they will be making a new Star Wars trilogy with the first film due to release in 2015.

Like me, I'm sure many of you grew up with the new / first set of films and have since watched the old classics. Do you think Disney doing this is a bad idea? More generally, is creating endless sequels, prequels, related content etc. to blockbuster films just ruining the original film? Some examples include Jaws, Jurassic Park, American Pie, Saw and many more....

Crime DOES Pay!

Jon Corzine. Dick Fuld. John W. Meriwether. Raj Gupta. You recognise those names? I'm sure you do. What do they all have in common? They have all been involved in scandals, bankruptcies or crimes and have pretty much gotten away with it. .

A little history lesson for those who are less familiar with some of these names:

Jon Corzine - Goldman Sachs CEO, Governor of New Jersey, U.S Senator, CEO of MF Global which collapsed in late 2011, with hundreds of millions of dollars of client money going "missing". Net worth, hundreds of millions.

Pandit's Legacy

Why did Vikram choose yesterday to resign? Citi 's results were neither poor enough to justify him being forced out nor were they good enough for him to say he'd done his job. We may never know the true reasons (Boardroom coup? Salary arguments? First rat off a sinking ship?) but we can nevertheless examine his legacy.

The headline numbers show Pandit presiding over an 89% fall in the share price of Citi , pretty terrible especially when you consider that HSBC and JPM have been broadly flat over the same period. There has also been vast amounts of accounting wizardry done so that nobody knows what the hell is going on there. They have struggled to dispose of toxic assets, sold good assets at a loss and much more.

Got Game Or Got Games?

Lets face it, the majority of people currently going into investment banking are male (sorry bankerella!), early 20s, above average intelligence and probably quite averse to serious sports.

You know what else fits that category well? Gamers.

I am going to publicly admit to being a fairly avid gamer and I'm willing to bet a lot of you other monkeys are as well. Yes, I've played my fair share of World of Warcraft in my younger days (world top 10 guild ftw) as well as Call of Duty and Starcraft.

Financiers & Music

I am a self professed music lover - I can't be at home or walking anywhere without some fantastic metal playing on my iPhone or speakers. I'm also a long-time guitar player.

For all you other monkeys who cant live without your tunes be it at work, travelling or just chilling at home, how do you approach the whole 'headphones at work' thing?

Do you think it's rude and antisocial or just a way to remove distractions and focus yourself? Have you ever been asked to stop listening to music?

Does Apple Need To Innovate?

I will preface by saying I am a huge fan of Apple and their products and own many of them so there may be some unknowing bias in this post!

Over the past few weeks and months the design of the next iPhone has been leaked so many times that, barring some incredible false-trails by Apple, we know what the next generation iPhone will look like. It will be taller than the 4 / 4S but the same width with a 4" screen, possibly a 2-tone metallic back, a 9 or 18 pin dock connector and will come with LTE and maybe even NFC. We even know that it is likely to be announced on September 12th and probably released on September 21st.