Monkey to Gentleman - Male Grooming

WARNING - This post may contain emasculating content and expose the author to ridicule

Yesterday was the start of a new month, which for me is my 'grooming' day. I'm sure most male monkeys here have a grooming routine; after all, we need to keep ourselves in tip-top condition. So, let us bare all, reveal our souls and describe what we do to look sharp.

I'm fully aware that some people view male grooming as "OMG GAY" or lacking self confidence but I disagree. Women take time to put on makeup, do their hair, get facials etc. so I don't see why men shouldn't take some time to put effort into their appearance as well.

Let the Games Begin

With almost exactly 24 hours to go until the start of the 2012 Olympics in London (a mere stones throw from Canary Wharf and perhaps the global heart of derivative trading ), the hype on local news is building to fever pitch. The BBC has moved all of its reporting desks to a large glass building with a view over the sprawling Olympic park, the last 2 months have had non-stop coverage of a fairly pointless torch procession and a small grubby cafe in the east end has been forced to change its name (which it has held for nearly 20 years) to Olympi Cafe to avoid any tourists thinking it is an official Games venue...

So, let us put aside all this talk of insider trading , LIBOR manipulation, Sandy Weill's hypocrisy and discuss what really matters; sport. .

Rent Your Life

The other day I was in an electronics shop where I came across a concept I had genuinely never heard of before. RENTING TVS. A nice 1080p 32" LED Panasonic tv with built in...

Why Hasn't The Financial World Ended Yet?

4 years ago the largest financial crash in (nearly) living memory tore a gaping hole in the world of finance. For a month at the end of 2008 it seemed as though every financial...

Only 70% of Americans Agree With Independence

As a non-US citizen I must admit that the patriotism displayed in 4th of July celebrations confuses me slightly, but I gather you guys take it extremely seriously. A survey...

Diamond Bites The Dust

So Bob Diamond has resigned as CEO of Barclays , the day before his hearing at the UK Treasury and just hours after a senior employee of Barclays said he was willing to go all out and reveal details of dealings between regulators and his bank if he was questioned too hard.

Has he gone because he knows he will be crucified or because someone at the bank is forcing him out?

Should he get a severance package (he has already forgone his 2011 bonus)?

How will Barclays function given that it's Chairman and CEO have both gone in a few days and there are no clear replacements?

How does this bode for the industry and senior executives at other banks which will be implicated in the LIBOR scandal? (They all did it, it's just a matter of proving it).

Stockton - End of the Municipal?

Being a national of the United Kingdom, a lot of the articles popping up on Bloomberg or CNBC seem both foreign and a little irrelevant to me (what is NFL anyway?). This one...

Did J.P. Morgan and Jamie Dimon take honesty too far?

Back in April when rumour of J.P. Morgan 's massive exposure to credit indices first surfaced, Jamie Dimon dismissed it as a " tempest in a teapot ". Barely a month later Dimon...