Corporate Finance vs. Investment Banking

Did someone say they needed reasons not to go into investment banking? Well, I have two words for you: corporate finance. Sure, there is the prestige of working at a bulge...

Law School is a Terrible Idea

What is a default answer for anyone who does not have a job after graduation?

The answer I hear far too often is law school.

In my opinion, it is an answer...

The NYC Sports Club Above All Sports Clubs

West 67th street between Columbus and Central Park West is one of Manhattan's prettiest tree-lined blocks, and was once home to one of New York City's most venerable sports...

Office Beautification Process

I once worked for a firm where the culture was borderline immoral. Between the everyday white lies to clients and an unusually heavy focus on production quotas, everything...

The 5 Most Common Regrets of Young Adults

While I understand that quoting anything from the Huffington Post causes me to lose credibility by the second, I do think that a recent write up by HBS alumni, Daniel Gulati,...

10 Tips to Bribe NYC’s Top Restaurants

Moderator Note (Andy): this was originally posted on 4/24/12
With full time recruiting well out of the way, I thought I would address a more pressing issue at hand- What...

4 Reasons for More Female Bosses

Look, I know there is enough machismo on this site to pump-up the whole New England Patriots locker room. But to be completely honest, I really enjoy working under women. On similar note, I also enjoy working in offices that have a higher female to male ratio. For whatever reason, when there are more women around, I tend to stay away from the usual office clicks and messy politics.

More importantly, all my female bosses have always been empathetic my all-nighters and even more motivating during those late-night, shiny-eyed hours. More than their male counter parts, I always thought that these women were able to demand high quality work without being complete dicks about it. Does anyone else feel this way?

Want 9% More Pay? Hit the Gym

We all know that some measures tied to pay are completely out of the control for even the hardest working analysts. Even in our somewhat meritocratic workplaces, its been...

Q&A: PE Authors Talk Dividend Recaps, Blackstone, and Future of AM

Fellow Monkeys, I have a very special Q&A to share with you all tonight!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with John Morris and David Carey to discuss their book-...

The Models & Bottles Myth

With a handful of our certified users acknowledging that they are either cashing out or thinking about walking out the door, I thought this would be an appropriate time to remind everyone why we got into finance in the first place. Models & Bottles.

After acing our business classes and killing our interviews, NYC's top clubs is our right of passage. We deserve this. Don't we?

Sorry boys, but this models bottles mentality is nothing more than a misplaced dream.

I should not have to be the one to tell a bunch of over-qualified, finance graduates that spending a 20x multiple on a bottle of Grey Goose is a dumb idea. Though, the clubs certainly aren't complaining.