JP Morgan Palladium Card

Raj has to pay $92.8 million, Corzine lost control MF Global, Goldman Sachs is losing money by the second, and Italy's Silvio Berlusconi will finally resign. Oh yes, start basting the ham and get out the decorations because Christmas has come early this year.

What do I want for Christmas, you ask? Although ending the NBA lockout is definitely somewhere on the list, JP Morgan 's Palladium card is my number one priority with Santa...:

GSelevator Twitter: All Time Favorites

With a rapidly growing base, the GSelevator twitter has a loyal following of 25,000 deep. The notorious tweeter allegedly works in some form of upper/senior management, but receives the majority of his posts from emails that come into [email protected] . On a side note, the tweeter claims that if his following reaches 40,000+, he will list Blankfein's personal address, cell phone number, and email. Ouch.

No wonder Goldman has reportedly created an internal investigation unit to put an end to this public relations nightmare. To do my part and gather awareness for the cause, I'm going to go ahead and list my top 10, all-time favorite tweets: