AMA: I'm a media and entertainment analyst

Bio: I moved to US at 13. Went to a top public university and broke into investment banking at a regional firm. Went into media and entertainment at a major studio. I would...

Class of 2016 MBA Applicants

Hey guys,

Going to switch it up a bit today and see if there are any monkeys out there that'll be going through the MBA cycle in the upcoming months (Harvard's R1 is due 9 weeks from Please, for the love of God, don't turn this into a debate of "Is an MBA worth it?" (answer: it depends) or which one of the M7 deserve to be ahead of the other.

I have compiled some good stuff on the forum from over the years:

To anyone considering MBA by Compbanker: A breakdown of why he chose to head to MBA this fall instead of staying at what many think is the end all be all of finance:

Q&A with Admission Consultants:
Alex Chu MBAApply:

My Epiphany about Fantasy Football and MBA

As I was taking a break from my essay brainstorming I, uh, decided to do some preliminary research on the upcoming fantasy football season. (BTW if you haven't had a chance pick up Matthew Berry's new book Fantasy Life. I finished it in two days. Hilarious. Here is a snippet of the book: ). A light bulb came on. Check this out:

MBA tiers are just like running back tiers

Mega elite studs: Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, and Doug Martin are your H/S/W this year. (I personally think Martin will have an amazing year [going on record] and a better pick than everyone else at this point)

Essential Items - Food Edition

Happy 4th! Hope everyone got some cool things lined up. This post came from chatting with a few certified users recently. I think it's pretty imperative I share these items that I own that I believe were essential in helping me through my banking days.

I use this to make green smoothies. It's great. Helps you get the necessary vegetables in one cup of delicious smoothie. Don't go crazy though; I got crazy stomach ache from blending stuff with too much fiber the first couple days and it was not a good look. I got a reconditioned one for less than $400. Some other people prefer Blendtec but I picked Vitamix. The cheap ones can't blend vegetables as well


Throwing It All Away

Preface: I have no legal background. I am posting this after Hernandez was charged with murder one and no bail.

I actually had a great topic already lined up for this week's blog (Hint: it will include input by a popular user) but this news just irritates me to no end. Here is a guy, not even a year prior, signed a contract extension that gave him $12.5 million bonus, currently playing for one of the greatest (if not the greatest for some Boston fans) quarterbacks of all time, and not even 24 yet. The world was his oyster, and all he had to do was stay in goddamn shape and continue what he was doing before.

How Much Value Can One Person Carry For a Brand?

I've always been curious about how things work in the world of C-Suite executives and board of directors. Just when do they make the decision that XYZ, who is the face of the...

Having Faith in Yourself

I really am not sure where this thought came from, but it just popped in my head. I wrote a while back about having determination and discipline in order to succeed, but as I work longer and continue to climb up in the corporate world I realize there is a stronger underlying theme, and that is having faith and believing in yourself.

Video Game Console Rundown

Hey fellas, as the self-anointed entertainment dude (since most of the blogs I write about have something to do with sports/media/entertainment/movies) I'm taking it upon myself to add video games to this list.

I personally have not being a huge gamer since the OG Star Wars: BroodWar / Counter-Strike days, when I used to spend every waking minute outside of school in cybercafes. God how I wish I had spent my time more wisely back then maybe I would be the next Zuckerberg...I kid.

What did YOU do during WSO downtime? (and a thank you to everyone!)

I think the site was down for a bit. Patrick and Co sure get on the issue quickly! But alas, it happened during my usual lunchtime, when I bring back food from the cafeteria into my cube to consume, along with the many awesome threads on WSO.

I twiddled my thumbs, went on several different forums/websites, including but not limited to: reddit, quora, a competitor website, deadline, google finance. Thankfully the site wasn't down for too long, or else I might have ventured into 4chan...

Game of Thrones of Life

I'm sure many monkeys watch Game of Thrones during their little spare time. Sure, our life is not as crazy as the incestuous Targaryens, the dueling of the Houses, or the raping and pillaging of the Dothrakis, but we do have our fears of short-coming and the day-to-day worries. I was especially inspired after last weekend's episode of Game of Thrones (S3E6 for those of you scoring at home), when Lady Melisandre told this to Gendry.

Lady M: You are more than they can ever be. They are just foot soldiers in the great war. You can make kings rise and fall.