Holiday Party Tales: The Wives in Finance

Wives in finance are, quite possibly, the most interesting breed of human being in existence. Every time I've met a senior partner's or director's wife, she is an unknown strain of bizarre, worthless, or mean. It's become the standard.

Once upon a time, I'd met my managing partner's wife and, of course, she rolled in on the Wives In Finance Bizarro Train with glitter in her hair and spikey leather pants. She was some sort of faux-rock-and-roll like Avril Lavigne. She had a general disdain for the hoity toity, the schmoozey charity events, and was miserable about basically everything else that came along with being a wealthy fund manager's wife.

Skirts in Finance: Why Does Bankerella Hate America?

Those of you who follow our friends over at Wall Street Oasis may have recently seen a post by a 'female banker', who goes by Bankerella. She recently posted a blog about dating different finance guys, which has garnered some attention lately for 'the Wall Street women'.

The verdict from our resident Skirt?:

Bankerella isn't real. And judging by the replies to her post, those in the finance community have realized this. The non-finance community loves any chance to villianize or label us--men or women--as narcissists or sociopaths, but the Bankerella posts may be a bit too perfect. Here are the giant mistakes in her post, that every #WIF newbie and veteran knows and noticed almost immediately, that made it obvious Bankerella is either fake or delusional: