Bespoke Suit Shopping: Keepin’ It Classy on a Budget

I needed a new navy suit a couple of days ago. Given the time constraints I had to buy in, I bought off-the-rack from Men's Warehouse and had the jacket and paints altered a bit to ensure a good fit. For a suit , a white shirt , a blue shirt , some socks, a belt and eventually a pair of black Joseph Abboud Oxfords, I paid about $900. I really like the suit - the fit is great, the shirts were excellent (Calvin Klein) and I got the shoes 50% off - overall good value.

But if I had more time, I would really have liked to try out a suit from one the reasonable bespoke/made-to-measure clothiers that one keeps reading about. The 3 that I am familiar with and have considered buying from (I think I will in the future) are:


Party at the End of the World: Dartmouth kid writes a book about the evils of campus recruiting and “Faceless Hedge Funds”

My post this week is a little different. It's short, decidedly not sweet and written to start a dialogue amongst the monkeys on this site. Dealbreaker, ran a piece this morning about Andrew Lohse, a Dartmouth grad and frat boy.

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Banking on Insurance: Breaking in from the Insurance industry - fact or fiction?

Here's what my boss said to me over a couple of beers.

About half the industry (insurance) is made up of guys who couldn't cut it as bankers. When all else fails, you have dad call up his college bud at [insert name of commercial insurer here] and get you a cush 9-5 gig wining, dining and selling GL coverage to other hacks.

. What could have passed for just another cynical (my boss has a none-too-rosy outlook on life), albeit perhaps accurate statement - seemed to hit truer to home for me and was a tad disheartening.