VC Spotlight: Rob Go of NextView Ventures

Intro to Rob Go & NextView Ventures:

Rob Go is a founding member of NextView Ventures, a Boston based micro VC, who as of February 2012 closed their inaugural seed-stage fund.....of $21 million! Rob brings an array of expertise to NextView and their portfolio companies. He is a Harvard Business School graduate, started his career at Parthenon Group (consulting firm), worked for eBay and Fidelity in product management roles, transitioned into venture capital with Spark Capital , and now is well on his way with NextView Ventures. With the hectic life of a VC: traveling, meetings, startup pitches, etc. Rob was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experiences as a VC. So lets get started:

Starbucks & Teavana...Match Made in Heaven?

Two weeks ago Starbucks agreed to acquire Teavana Holdings Inc. for a little over $600 million (lawsuit has been filed to halt takeover so things could get interesting). Looks like a smart move, even with the likelihood of Teavana cannibalizing Tazo Tea (already owned by Starbucks ). Any thoughts on this move? Personally, I think its brilliant. Coffee is slowly falling by the wayside as tea is becoming the new drink of choice. I actually stopped at Starbucks this morning and swapped my usual grande dark roast for a grande green tea. I wish I had made the switch sooner. Needless to say, it looks like Starbucks is staying ahead of the trends in North America and appears they are looking to make a play in foreign markets....tea is way more popular in Asia.

Q&A with Matthew Christensen (Disruptive Innovation Part 2)

We're back this week with Part 2 of the Matt Christensen Q&A. In part 1, Matt discussed disruptive innovation as an investment strategy and touched on some of the main points defining disruptive innovation. In part 2, Matt explains why the concept of disruptive innovation has been historically difficult to adopt among corporate leaders and what industries are on the brink of disruption.

You touch on the point that this idea of disruption has become mainstream. In that sense why is it still difficult for companies to identify disruption and head it off before it becomes a threat?

Screw the Hotel, I'm Booking with Airbnb

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share two recent travel experiences that highlight the differences between a night's stay at a hotel vs. Airbnb. Who do you think fared better? The hotel chain with over 100 years of experience or the online company that has been around for 4 years. For some background on these events, both trips took place in Boston within 3 months of each other. Same location, but very different experiences....

Hotel Chain
I won't name names but this hotel is part of the largest organization of hotels and resorts in the world. Here is the timeline of events:

1. I go to to find the best rates/location for accommodations in Boston

Public Speaking (Enemy Number 1)

Public speaking is tough. All eyes on you, the thought of failure slowly setting in, gripping you with fear and anxiety. Most of us have felt this at some point in our lives. I felt this in college giving a presentation on asset management, I felt it during an investment pitch on the job. So how do we overcome this fear. Thankfully there's an easy remedy: practice, practice, practice. The more familiar you are with public speaking the easier it becomes. Again, public speaking is tough, but it can also be your greatest asset. featured an article short list of why public speaking is great for you:

How to Dress for Success on Wall Street (Part 4)

Hi everyone,

This is the final part of the Jon Yeazel interview, How to Dress for Success on Wall Street. Jon has given us some great info over the past couple weeks; from suit accessories to selected styles and fit. To conclude our interview Jon has given us some of his top online locations for ties, pocket squares, and suits . He also gives a brief run down of his successful Kickstarter campaign. So lets get started.

Jon's Favorite Sites:

1. The Tie Bar - where I get almost all of my ties and pocket squares

College Education: Adapt or Die

Hi Everyone,

Was reading yesterday and came across an article about Stanford University offering free online courses . Thought it was interesting with all the hubbub about the student debt crisis. What's everyone's opinion on this situation? Are we going to move towards a more democratized form of higher education (free & online), or will we continue the death trap of student debt at traditional universities? Will business and society accept this alternative form of education?

Also, take a look at these websites offering free online courses: