WSO comments from the week 11/18-11/24

Sandhurst comments on the tricky topic of having family connections in banking--and just how much that could matter in How much can family connections help?


WSO comments from the week 11/11-11/17

Asiamoney helps to debunk the idea that it's not worth going into banking anymore in Should you even be aiming for BB IBD anymore?

These are definitely trends...

WSO comments of the week 11/04-11/10

Rufiolove discusses the gatekeeper role that headhunters play in Can you do this? :

The issue you are overlooking is that the company doesn't want to have to do...

WSO comments from the week 10/28-11/3

Atleastimnotabanker in The Non-Target Curse argues that going to a top school ("target school") gives you an initial advantage. After that, it's up to you:


WSO Comments of the week 10/21-10/27

Rufiolove in Three Things You Didn't Know about Becoming A Rock-Star Analyst argues that, generally speaking, it pays to be good:

This is a good post overall but...

Comments from the week 10/14-10/20

By to_IBornot_toB in Time to Respect the MSF: Top Five MSF Myths Debunked :

[quote]The toughest part of the getting a job from an MSF, is that you have to sell it. Yes, there are a few "target" firms that come on campus, but more importantly you need to reach out to other people, and find what story fits for you.

Make a logical story (much harder done than said) and I think the MSF is worthwhile. Also, if you can get the MSF at a discount (fellowships, grants, scholarships), do so. This makes for bragging points during on-campus interviews when going up against other students from your MSF.