Effective Toilet Hedges

Getting sick of those boring hedge products on the market today? Are puts and calls just not doing it for you? Well today is your lucky day because we have a new, highly popular hedge that all the cool kids are using!

Russian Toilets.

You read that right! With the ruble dropping like a stone the modest Russian toilet has become a hedge against further drops:

[quote]When the ruble plunged 37 percent in the first half of December, Kazakh businessman Marat Mukhamedov spotted an opportunity: Russian toilets.

Rolls Royce: Lease or Buy?

Let's assume you're a fan of Rolls and you're looking at a 2015 Ghost, what do you do? Lease? Buy? Obviously, deciding whether to lease or buy a car that costs several hundred thousand dollars is a bit more complicated than deciding whether to lease or buy a car that costs several tens of thousands. Luckily, Bloomberg has a recent article that'll spell out the current trends in buying and leasing Rolls to help you decide how you want to approach your purchase. Looking at the lease vs. buy question, if you live in southern California, dealers advertise leases due to their popularity: