Blaming Government...the Change I'm looking for

Does the week start on Sunday or Monday? Do I tend to listen to economists or analysts?

In both cases, it is usually the latter. I see Sunday more as a wind down, then as a warm up. I see economists as often too focused on theories to examine the practical angles of life.

From time to time, however, I like to give the economists light. Especially, if they are prone to bouts of human deductive reasoning found within the first standard deviation. That having been said I always got a kick out of this one...with the main player and his agenda to follow. If you haven't seen it, enjoy. Cheesy, but I like it.

Russell Roberts of George Mason University continues what I think of as "the boutique college migration" as we see more star athletes, mathletes and profs doing bigger and better work at smaller institutions with less pedigree. Not to Ivy Leaguers, dead that socialist redistribution crap already. You're supposed to be leading this country into the future, not burying in more big gov progs.

In a lucid explanation that requires little more than 75 or 6 IQ points, Russell plays music to my ears.

Admittedly, I am not on the cutting edge of economic academia, however, this may be this first I have heard of someone actually going the lengthy dissertation route in pooping on Washington policy. I for one, am all for it and fling my disgruntled inner recyclables in unison with Mr. Russell.

For those who haven't read a good academic piece in a while...or...ever. Have some fun
checking this out. A relatively quick read which brings home the ultimate long term point of the last 2 years: " we must return to the natural incentives of profit and loss if we want to prevent future crisis ".

Or as I like to say...long live capitalism and free markets, if only somebody can bring them back from the dead.