Patrick and his team have made some extremely helpful updates to our Finance Networking Guide to help you through all aspects of networking in the finance world. Inside the WSO Finance Networking Guide, you'll get a comprehensive, all-inclusive roadmap for maximizing your networking efforts (and minimizing embarrassing blunders).

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Why is networking so important? 46%* of Wall St. employees claim they got their current internship or job as a direct result of networking. It's simply the fastest, easiest way to get to the top of the ladder.

But how do you do it?
Where do you start?
What do you say to the big power players?
Where are the best places to network?

And most importantly, how do you get them to HIRE you? The Finance Networking Guide will help teach you what you need to know.

This info-rich book is packed with 71 pages of detailed strategies to help you get the most of your networking, including:

  • 148 Copy-and-Paste Questions for you to ask in an interview (both informational and actual interviews)
  • How to navigate LinkedIn and Cold Calling/E-mailing with success including 14 message templates
  • 8 easy-to-follow tips to make sure your resume makes a great first impression
  • 3 Polished WSO Resume Templates (Word files) from our famous Resume Review service included (one for undergrads, another for experienced applicants and another for experienced applicants with deal experience)
  • 21 things you should be doing RIGHT (and right NOW) for networking success
  • How to AVOID networking failure
  • How to make a huge impression at business conferences
  • 8 crucial steps to make sure you are negotiating your offer properly
  • A plug-and-play template for that crucial 90 Second Elevator Pitch

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*Source: "What was the #1 factor in getting your current/upcoming finance-related job or internship?"

From Patrick:
That 46% is actually likely much higher since jobs after breaking out of ugrad are more and more about who you know and less about structured recruiting (like OCR)

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Got a sad message today from a student that is trying to land an internship that said the following:

XXXXXXXX sent a message using the contact form at //www.wallstreetoasis.com/contact.

I have set up several informational interviews that do not end up with results. I have practiced my story and my pitches and have been reading a bunch about SA recruiting. I am from a non-target which I realize is harder for me (as said by WSO users and by MD's, and associates I have talked with) and realize there is a small window to possibly get an internship at a boutique or lower-tier MM.

To cut to the point, how do I get my "resume passed along to the right people" if all I do is ask for advice during the informational interview?
How do I know they will offer help in getting me an internship?
Can I ask how I can position myself for an internship as a follow up email/phone call? If so, when would it be appropriate?
How do I put myself in a situation where I can do a second phone call (what reasons would there be to have one)?

This was my response and I think everyone should think twice if they are getting informational interviews and coming up empty handed:

Josh, this is why social intelligence is so important. Have you ever heard "asking for a job will get you advice, asking for advice will get you a job"? Obviously, you need to ask the right questions, but that is why the Networking guide is FILLED with great sample questions you can ask to specific types of professionals to make it sound like you've done your homework.

Showing genuine interest and genuine knowledge is the BEST way to impress...if by the end of the informational interview they are not asking for your resume -- it means you are doing something wrong. Either coming off as too aggressive (most likely based on your e-mail), not trying to build a personal connection, etc.

It shoudl only be a last ditch desparate measure to follow up and ask "how you can position yourself for an internship at your firm?" (and we discuss how frequently you can reach out to contacts in the guide)...the main issue here is you are making the mistake of looking at Networking as a transaction, not as a way to build genuine relationships that can help you throughout your career. When you truly realize the power of networking and start showing genuine interest and an impressive working knowledge of the industry, a humble attitude and a willingness to learn, people will automatically WANT to help.

Hopefully you can remember that.

Best of Luck,

You here the mantra of "staying aggressive", etc...but I think a lot of kids in their blind ambition forget it's more important to be likeable.

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