Goldman Sachs can officially be called Government Scum or just Goldman Scum because it's apparent that they have taken over the United States Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve System and both the prior Bush administration and the current Obama administration.

One can call this financial terrorist attack a financial coup d'etat by Goldman Sachs because Henry Paulson, the former Treasury Secretary, was a CEO for Goldman Sachs. It was reported in October of last year that Paulson even held a secret meeting with Goldman Sachs in Moscow.

During the wake of the financial crisis, Paulson was in constant contact with Goldman Sachs' CEO Lloyd Blankfein. There have been reports that Paulson would call Blankfein five times per day.

Timothy Geithner, current Treasury Secretary, has very close ties to Goldman Sachs, whether it was naming an ex-lobbyist for the financial firm as Chief-of-Staff for the Treasury Department. Of course, anyone who follows the news cannot miss the recent Bankergate scandal between Timothy Geithner, AIG and Goldman Sachs over the bonuses after receiving billions of dollars of bailout money.

Blankfein's wife, over the summer, was shopping in the Hamptons and had told other customers that she had to shop, basically treating the American people, who bailed her husband's company out, like serfs.

Right now, 32,000 staff employees at Goldman Sachs were told to wait to hear the size and structure of their billion dollar bonuses. However, it is expected that employees are to earn more than $620,000 in bonuses. The largest financial company will publish their figures by Thursday.

The United States government is now synonymous with Goldman Sachs, especially on their morality level because both are terrorists. The only significant industry the United States has is their military contracting sector. As long as the United States continues its military efforts and invading countries, such as the possible <a href='http://digitaljournal.com/article/285873">occupation of the earthquake devastating country Haiti, the Dow Jones will continue to go up every day and other interventionist nations' stock markets will also rise.

The American people are allowing this economic coup d'etat to happen as Goldman Sachs and their affiliates now control the United States government and manipulate the prices of everything.

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Did you write this?

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is anybody else happy about this? maybe the future is still bright for bankers if these titans keep pushing for us

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Really? When did this become the NYT? Ooooohhhh, Moscow, scary communists! OOOOOHHHH, bankers, big bad business! Ooooohhh, "bankergate," big bad conspiracies! Oooohhhh, coup d'etat, big bad Frenchmen! Ooooohhhhhh, "invading Haiti," big bad America! Ooooohhh, the Hamptons, big bad (not such) WASPs!

I'm just impressed that you managed to throw every hick stereotype in to a single post. Bravo, sir. Now please go back to watching Fox News.


Why is this on the homepage?

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