GS Elevator Gossip 6/13-6/19

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6/13/12 #1: My back is killing me. #2: You really should have the same mattresses in the Hamptons and the City.

6/14/12 #1: Wine. Steak. Sushi. Sake. Repeat. #2: Mercury poisoning and gout. That reeks of expendable income.

6/18/12 #1: The only thing douchier than saying 'At the end of the day' is saying 'My day never ends.'

6/19/12 Skirt #1: Whenever I get stressed, I go shoe shopping. [Exits]. Suit #1 (to Suit #2): Obviously not for running shoes.

6/19/12 #1: People who are in position to, or smart enough to solve the European debt crisis don't have the time to debate it on Facebook.

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Jun 20, 2012


Jun 20, 2012