I just received an offer to do the 8 week internship at AnEx. I am just curious about how all those people in the testemonials landed those jobs? Does AnEx recommend you or open up their rolodex?? or is it just the fact that you have "financial modelling" and the internship in your resume that you improve your chances of getting hired? Any insights on how the process works?

Much appreciated!

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Hey, I am curious as well. Are you currently graduated? Do you have to not be a student to do it?


Yes, I graduated one year ago from a non target school. They told me that most of the students have already graduated and are trying to position themselves for IB/PE. After some research, I found that the program is most valid because of your internship in one of their 300 affiliated funds. Paul, the founder has a good network of "clients" (banks that do recruiting over at AnEx). You can also meet recruiters through the networking events that they do. I wish I heard from somebody that actually received an offer after the program to learn exactly how they did it.


i'd also like to know how good does the anex program make u stand out


also interested...


can anyone who has completed the program give any insight?


The program really does make you stand out. I am currently in the 8 week program and have one month left but I have to say that I feel 100% more prepared and confident about my modelling and interviewing skills. The first week was a crash course in accounting, 3 statement modelling, merger modelling, lbo modelling, and valuations. The instructors are ex bankers from merriill, morgan, ubs, and some PE funds and hedge funds, and they are freaking geniuses!! after the first week, you start interning with boutique investment banks with a crap load of deal flow!! we work with an associate who staffs you in deals in very different industries and segments. I am currently working on an M&A deal, two LBOs and have another one due next week. Trust me, you will be working your ass off and modelling better than a bunch of first year analysts at bulge brackets. I have been doing a lot of networking (2 hours a day to apply for jobs, informational interviews, and linkedin research), and by talking to analysts at other banks, I can tell that the rigor of the program is equal or stronger than the training you get at BBs. You do revenue schedules, depreciation schedules, debt schedules... no assuming a percentage of revenue for depreciation for example. think Breaking into wallstreet advanced modelling course, with lots of input from bankers. As far as the guaranteed job, that wont happen. Other than the amazing resume and cover letter templates and reviews, you need to get out of the office and secure a job for yourself. People that have seen my resume and deal experience are impressed by the level of detail of my models. I am very happy i did it. I most definitely recommend it


Also, they bring guest speakers weekly to talk about their experiences and give valuable advice. we also recreate models of previous acquisitions. For example, we just recreated Proctor and Gamble's acquisition of Gillette, a HBS case, with a lot of precision, getting almost the same numbers. It is great cause even in harvardl you won't be doing that.

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