IB INTERVIEW ALERT: NEW 2014 Version of WSO Investment Banking Prep Pack Released!

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Another 100+ Questions Added...Now Over 500+:

We've sifted through 2 THOUSAND+ more questions submitted to the WSO Company Database this past year to make the IB Prep Pack even more killer. We've picked out another 100 questions based on new trends to bring the grand total to a whopping 500+ questions (nothing beats that).

The beauty of how we structure the IB Prep Pack is that both the technical and fit guides walk you through the most common beginner, intermediate and advanced questions while also giving you great sample answers. On top of that, we now also provide you with a MASSIVE appendix with the following banks below that allows you to see the type of interview questions being asked at various levels AT SPECIFIC FIRMS.

No other guide gives you a great foundation AND great company specific insight, so don't miss out before we bump the price!

Get the NEW IB Prep Pack Today


If you are a previous customer just e-mail [email protected] the receipt from your previous purchase and she'll send it on over! Additionally, ALL new customers will also get lifetime updates for FREE. That's worth a lot since we don't sit around and let our guides get out of date. We actively review them throughout the year, thanks in part to the feedback from our thousands of happy readers across the top schools around the world!

...oh yeah, and don't forget the IB Prep Pack comes with our famous WSO networking guide which includes actual e-mail and LinkedIn templates to help bring your networking to the next level (other competitors charge just as much for this as their interview guides).

Don't be left out when there is a price bump and/or new great features...we update EVERY YEAR and keep making these better and better! For now, we've left the price at $99...a true steal for the one tool that will make you rock your ib interviews.

Get the NEW IB Prep Pack Today

That's all for now, back to work!
Patrick & WSO Team

ps - here is the list of companies that are included in the appendix. We expect to expand this list even more next year:

  1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  2. Barclays
  3. Citi
  4. Credit Suisse
  5. Deutsche Bank
  6. Goldman Sachs
  7. J.P. Morgan
  8. Morgan Stanley
  9. UBS
  10. BMO
  11. CIBC
  12. Evercore
  13. Duff & Phelps
  14. Houlihan Lokey
  15. Harris Williams
  16. HSBC
  17. Jefferies
  18. Lazard
  19. Macquarie
  20. Moelis
  21. Nomura
  22. Perella Weinberg
  23. Piper Jaffray
  24. RBC
  25. Raymond James
  26. Rothschild
  27. Baird
  28. Wells Fargo
  29. Stifel
  30. Scotiabank
  31. Royal Bank of Scotland

Get the NEW IB Prep Pack Today

Comments (16)

Sep 12, 2014

Does anyone have any reviews on this?

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Best Response
Sep 15, 2014

It's everything you need and more.


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Sep 18, 2014

Just got the updated versions and they're great.

Highly recommended.

    • 1
Oct 26, 2014

"12. Evercore Greenhill" ... lol ... didn't know they merged ...

    • 1
Oct 27, 2014

thanks for the catch! fixed :-)

Nov 7, 2014

Hey Patrick,

I'm interested in purchasing the private equity prep pack. For the LBO's that are included in the prep pack, do you guys lead the reader through the models step-by-step? Also, if I have any follow-up questions on the PE prep pack, who would I reach out to?

Nov 10, 2014

right now the lbo models include the test prompts and a full solution built out on separate tabs in Excel. We are in the process of recording videos for version 2.0 (free for anyone that buys version 1.0) that will walk through the models in detail :-) We expect that to be out in late February / early March 2015.

If you had any other questions you can reach out to me.


Nov 10, 2014

Is there anyway we can preview a few pages of the guide? A former classmate of mine was interested in the product, but wanted to see a sample

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Jan 14, 2015

Question. I purchased both the fit and technical guides separately last year. Does that also qualify for the upgrade? It looks great, but I have a hard time shelling out $100 for what seems like an update of the two guides I bought. Did I miss something or is there some noticeable, material shift between the guides I have and this new prep pack?


Dec 28, 2014

If I have already purchased the networking guide, is it possible for me to get this combined package at a discount?

Mar 6, 2015

Could you give some info on how many pages there are, maybe a table of contents?

Mar 9, 2015