In response to don't go to college right away.

In response to Edmundo's post I will tell you guys my story. And what I think about college right after High school.

After graduating highschool I took some no credit courses in sanitary engineering [think plumbing, airconditioning, heating and other mechanicals].
By the time my friends were in their sophomore year of college i was already pulling in somewhere around 60k. by the time they graduated I was pulling in 130k after taxes. After 4 years I realized there was a cap on my income. So based on the level of stress to money I had I decided to persue a career in finance (my stress is worth more money).

Investment banking gave me a hard on so I signed up for school and been in school for some time (I wrote to Eddie to see what he thought about my situation and he adviced me to have a plan B).

Not being able to live off my savings how I would like to I started playing the market and it turns out Im pretty good for my own good. I can't say I wish I went to college right out of high school because I dont. I got to make up to 600k deals and at my young age; that was a great accomplishment. It's easier to land Internships with real life business experience (remember all businesses run the same on excel). You are good if there is black at the bottom line! My people skills became great I had to sell myself to eat.

I guess I'm an outlier but I was deffinitely welcomed into the street from my little mechanical business (I did business with many wall street people that wanted shore houses in Jersey and I was in the capital improvement business.) I got to network the shit out of my business and thankfully I'm going to school part time and also working at a hedge fund part time with 2 Quants. I don't know where im trying to go with the post.

College is a must in your life regardless if you take a break or not. Take pride in your work regardless of what it is you do. In the end it takes you places and make transitions very smooth.

Still i'd like to go into IB for a year or two to see what its like. (even though I know is like a purple light for us flies)

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Feb 10, 2011

Very interesting story man.

Feb 10, 2011

Serious question: How did you manage to pull in 130k after taxes? Most pre tax money that an analyst makes is around 100k or so, and a degree from a top school is required.

Feb 10, 2011

When you run your own business, the profit margin is essentially limitless.

Feb 11, 2011