India’s Vast Energy Requirements Beckon a Nuclear Future

It is a sobering thought. In 2006, according to the UN, India was the fourth largest emitter of carbon dioxide (C02, or greenhouse gas) in the world. At that time, it was emitting 1.5m metric tons, or 5.3% world emissions. Today, India is the third largest polluter after China and the US. And yet, over 400 million Indians are not even connected to the electricity grid. That is over a third of the population of this country of over 1.1 billion inhabitants - more than the entire population of the United States. Bringing those people into the modern era is the right thing to do. By allowing them to use things we take for granted - lights, TVs, fridges and computers - we will alleviate vast suffering. But by doing this, while serving the ever-increasing needs of the rapidly growing urban middle class, India is creating a whole new environmental crisis all of its own.

Today India Inports 70%...
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Jan 22, 2010